Weekly Sacred Astrology, December 4-10, 2021

December 4, 2021: New Moon Total Solar Eclipse. There is a Total Solar Eclipse at 1:33am CST right before the New Moon in Sagittarius at 1:43am CST on December 4, 2021. With the Sun, Moon, and Mercury conjunct in Sagittarius, along with the South Node of the Moon, this New Moon is giving us anContinue reading “Weekly Sacred Astrology, December 4-10, 2021”

Weekly Sacred Astrology, July 3-9, 2021

July 4, 2021: Mars at 13° Leo square Uranus at 13° Taurus. Mars in Leo is activating the Saturn – Uranus square that has been going on all of 2021, only from the Leo area on the Fixed Cross of Taurus – Leo – Scorpio – Aquarius. The Fixed signs all like to stand theirContinue reading “Weekly Sacred Astrology, July 3-9, 2021”

Weekly Sacred Astrology, June 5-June 11, 2021

We have quite an energetic week ahead. Be on your surfboard, ready to catch some cosmic waves. With so many dynamic aspects and a Solar Eclipse, it is certainly not going to be a boring ride!  June 5, 2021: Mercury Rx at 23° Gemini square Neptune at 23° Pisces. Mercury is squaring Neptune throughout itsContinue reading “Weekly Sacred Astrology, June 5-June 11, 2021”

Weekly Sacred Astrology, May 22-28, 2021

This week there are personal planets square Neptune, Saturn is going retrograde, and there is a Total Lunar Eclipse. The best quote to sum up this energy: “Your beliefs become your thoughts, your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your habits, your habits become your values, your values becomeContinue reading “Weekly Sacred Astrology, May 22-28, 2021”