The 12 signs of the zodiac

The 12 signs of the zodiac represent how the planets or archetypes get expressed. When you have a planet in a particular sign, say your Venus is in Aries, your Venus is filtered through the lens of Aries, whereas someone with a Venus in Taurus, has a Venus that is filtered through the lens of Taurus.

ARIES: First sign of the Zodiac. Cardinal Fire, spark. Ruled by Mars. Beginning of spring (Vernal Equinox). Top of head, brain, and eyes. Pure awareness. Birth, beginning of life. Aries is the will to be, the initiating fire of creation, the will to express something unique. 

Embodiment of Aries: will, fire, thrust, drive

TAURUS: Second sign of the Zodiac. Fixed Earth, roots. Ruled by Venus. Middle of spring (vegetation grows). Ears, nose, mouth, throat, and neck. Embodied awareness. Development of the senses and becoming aware of physical body. Taurus is the earthiest, most grounded, sensual, and solid sign.

Embodiment of Taurus: rooted, earthy, sensory, grounded

GEMINI: Third sign of the Zodiac. Mutable Air, breath. Ruled by Mercury. End of spring (pollination). Arms, hands, windpipe, and lungs. Mental awareness. The child who goes around asking “why?” Learning, collecting, and gathering of information about immediate environment. Gemini is Beginner’s Mind: curious, open, exploring, and in wonder and awe of life.

Embodiment of Gemini: curious, present, awe, wonder, childlike innocence

CANCER: Fourth sign of the Zodiac. Cardinal Water, ocean tides. Ruled by the Moon. Beginning of summer (Summer Solstice). Chest, breasts, pericardium, and stomach. Emotional awareness. Development of the emotional body: feelings, inner reflection, and memory. Cancer is the essence of nurture, home, family, roots, and foundation.

Embodiment of Cancer: at home within oneself, honors and feels all emotions, inner nurturance, mothering 

LEO: Fifth sign of the Zodiac. Fixed Fire, hearth fire. Ruled by the Sun. Middle of summer (hottest time of the year). Heart, spine, solar plexus, and upper back. Self-awareness. Development of the creative self: fun, passion, play, self-expression, and creativity. Leos radiate, shine, and express authentically from the heart with courage.

Embodiment of Leo: expressive, heart-centered, warm

VIRGO: Sixth sign of the Zodiac. Mutable Earth, soil. Ruled by Mercury and Chiron. End of summer (fruiting, harvest). Gut, digestive system, spleen, and intestines. Self-analysis. Development of a craft(s) and life skills. Virgo is the priest/priestess that leads a holy life of service, first and foremost to themselves, and then to others, through living every day as sacred.

Embodiment of Virgo: discerning, devotional, grateful 

LIBRA: Seventh sign of the Zodiac. Cardinal Air, wind. Ruled by Venus. Beginning of fall (Autumnal Equinox). Kidneys, lumbar region, and buttocks. Awareness of others. Development of relationships and partnerships: sharing of emotions, self, and services. Libra learns about self through relating with others.

Embodiment of Libra: equilibrium, balance, centered in self, peace, connectedness 

SCORPIO: Eighth sign of the Zodiac. Fixed Water, iceberg. Ruled by Pluto and Mars. Middle of fall (first frost, mushrooms). Reproductive system and organs, bowels, and excretory system. Awareness of hidden realms. Development of core emotional truth: commitments, transformation, and purpose. Scorpio is about merging, about totally losing self and your boundaries and being transformed.

Embodiment of Scorpio: emotional maturity & awareness, vulnerability, empowerment 

SAGITTARIUS: Ninth sign of the Zodiac. Mutable Fire, starlight. Ruled by Jupiter. End of fall. Hips, hamstrings, quadriceps, sciatic nerves, femoral and iliac arteries. Awareness of life and the seeking of wisdom. Development of life’s philosophy and beliefs. Sagittarius is optimistic, visionary, adventurous and always questing for the truth and the meaning of life; there is wisdom in lived experience.

Embodiment of Sagittarius: expansive, cultivated kundalini, body wisdom

CAPRICORN: Tenth sign of the Zodiac. Cardinal Earth, mountain. Ruled by Saturn. Beginning of winter (Winter Solstice). Knees, joints, and skeletal system. Crystallization of life’s experience, wisdom, and teachings: responsibility, respect, authority, and mastery. The one who has climbed to the top of the mountain. Capricorn is the master, the authority, the one who has achieved and accomplished their highest potential.

Embodiment of Capricorn: mastery, achievement, sense of completion (as you move on from the past, from what you have gained through experiential wisdom)

AQUARIUS: Eleventh sign of the Zodiac. Fixed Air, atmosphere. Ruled by Uranus and Saturn. Middle of winter (coldest time of the year). Ankles, calves, and circulatory system. Dispensing of life’s wisdom and teachings: gives back, humanitarian, open-minded, and looks forward into the future. Contributes to the group, the collective, the community, and humanity. Aquarius wants to share their accomplishments and wisdom with future generations, advancing society forward.

Embodiment of Aquarius: unique genius, excitement about future (going beyond what is known), quantum creativity 

PISCES: Twelfth and last sign of the Zodiac. Mutable Water, ocean. Ruled by Neptune and Jupiter. End of winter (rains return). Feet, toes, and lymphatic system. Spiritual awareness. Releasing of life’s vision and sharing of blessings: love, compassion, dreams, and imagination. The ending and the beginning of the journey around the wheel of time. Pisces is surrendering and letting go so that you can begin again.

Embodiment of Pisces: oneness, compassionate and unconditional love, Agape, unity  

Understanding the signs through polarity

Aries-Libra axis: The axis of relationship

Aries is the I AM. It is the initiating fire of creation. It is the spark that starts the fire of desire to be a unique individual.

Libra is relationship with others. However, the most important relationship is the relationship with self. That primary relationship is mirrored in all other relationships.

Taurus-Scorpio axis: The axis of values and meaning

Taurus is the tending of the garden, appreciating what one has, the resources that allow one to have a physical experience. The one who grows is the one who knows what they most value and tends it with care.

Scorpio is the tending of one’s emotional garden and cultivating what one most emotionally values. This brings with it alchemy and transformation of an inner kind, mysteries, merging, and intimacy with life on a deeper level.

Gemini-Sagittarius axis: The axis of wisdom

Gemini is curiosity, a desire to learn, play, and explore, an openness to life and different perspectives, to see patterns and to try to make sense of the world.

Sagittarius is seeking expansion, experience, and knowledge. The bigger why’s of existence. Truth and wisdom are sincerely sought out by the adventurer, the seeker. The one who dares to go out beyond the known because they truly want to understand the world.

Cancer-Capricorn axis: The axis of nurturance

Cancer is the foundation, the roots, the home, family, and safety of an environment that nurtures growth. Only with nurturance and true care can a seed unfold into its fullest potential.

Capricorn is the top of the mountain, the pinnacle, how high one climbs, the achievement of one’s highest potential, an unfolding of self that reaches out for the Sun.

Leo-Aquarius axis: The axis of expression

Leo is the expression of authenticity through all creations that are birthed into life. It is the expression of what is in the heart, a radiant brilliance of full self-expression, a courage to be fully oneself.

Aquarius is one who contributes their authentic expression, unique genius to their groups, communities, and humanity. It is through this contribution of their authentic expression and unique genius that true advancement into the future can proceed.

Virgo-Pisces axis: The axis of vitality

Virgo is the daily devotion to a life that cultivates vitality in oneself. It is one’s habits, health and wellness, service, and the rituals that one performs every day that determine whether one feels vital and alive.

Pisces is the end of a cycle, of letting go, of unknowing what one had previously known. It is only in the unbecoming and the undoing that one can truly begin anew. Only an empty cup can be filled.

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