Sacred Journey: Planetary Poetry

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My Planetary Haikus

I am my planets
They are evolving through me
We are creating

The following haikus were written for the planets in my natal chart

Libra is my Sun 
Relationships are my gold 
Leading me to love 

Pluto is close by
Keeping my Sun in service 
To the song of soul

Mercury lies deep
In the shadows of my dreams
Helps me know soul things

Uranus is me
Jolting me awake 
Into new levels of life 

My North Node is me
It is in my house of Self
I transform through flow

Neptune stands alone
Warrior for soul truth, love 
Helping me with faith

Lillith needs some love 
Before she can boldly fly 
Creating brings peace

Jupiter is wise
Helping me change my habits 
To reflect my soul  

Chiron leads the way
Into healing my every day
My habits change me

My South Node is others
Relationships can stagnate 
Being true is key

My Moon is thoughtful
Curious and close to Mars 
She likes to express

Mars is my passion 
My inner drive to become 
I act on my faith

Saturn is me too 
Rooting me in the mundane 
Teaching me my mastery 

Venus is my love guide 
Teaching me the ways of heart 
Through truth and beauty

Poems for Zodiac Signs

The following poems were written for each of the 12 signs of the zodiac

It is the wave parting from the Ocean of Pisces
It is the will to be
The I AM spark
Of the Divine Flame
The fire of existence 
That fuels the growth
Of the seeds planted 
In the ground of Taurus

The world is alive and 
Sprouting with new life
Bringing the creative powers 
Into our awareness and our bodies
Grounded on the Earth 
Feeling supported, held, and solid
With the dawn of a wonder and curiosity 
That breathes understanding into the awareness of Gemini

There are two sides to every story
And to navigate this world of duality
Beginner’s Mind will gift you 
With the power of perception 
Not only into yourself
But others and the world around you
Allowing you to authentically communicate, learn, and explore
Nurturing your roots in Cancer

It is your roots 
Your lineage, family, and home that lays the foundation
For who you are 
And for who you long to be 
You can only reach as high 
As those roots allow you to grow
Reaching out towards the Sun
And the radiant self-expression of Leo
Being authentically you
Radiating your essence from the inside out
Shining your light like the Sun
The heart of who you are 
Expressing, creating, playing 
And being joyfully you
Because there is nothing else to do
Honoring the sacred vessel that 
Is tended in the temple of Virgo

As our gifts burst forth onto the world 
And we share the fruits of our labors 
Leading our lives in a holy way
Doing the Great Work 
Discerning what is ours to do
And how we can best serve
Being the purest expression of ourselves
So that we can bring that wholeness to our relationships in Libra

Connecting, relating, and mirroring
What I see in another 
I also have within
I don’t want you as my adversary 
I would much rather call you friend
Let’s commit to going deeper
To experience emotional intimacy 
In the watery depths of Scorpio

Merging with another and with life
I lose myself and my boundaries
Where do I end and you begin
I love with a depth of passion 
That ignites a flame within me
That burns away all of my resistance 
And I go up in flames like the Phoenix
Rising to meet with the arrow of Sagittarius

With feet planted firmly on the earth
We shoot our arrows 
Towards the heavens
In our quest for the Truth
Living life as an adventure and knowing
That there is always more to know
Yet trusting our wisdom to lead us
Into the upper echelons of Capricorn

From the top of the mountain
When you have achieved and accomplished
And become the master of your domain
You come back down from your throne
With the authority and wisdom of one who has lived
And has stories to tell and experiences to share
Contributing what you have earned with the world
The community, humanity, and the future in Aquarius 

The one who contributes 
And advances humanity forward 
From a place of heart-centered radiance
One who asks not what can I take 
But what legacy can I leave
Concerned with freedom for all
And not afraid to take the quantum road less traveled
Surrendering into the imaginal and transcendental realm of Pisces

The Sun is dissolving
Into the Ocean of Cosmic Oneness
Where all things are possible
Visions are ready to be claimed
Dreams are ready to be manifested 
And brought into the 
World of physical reality
Through the fiery will of Aries

Planetary Poetry

The following is miscellaneous poetry inspired by the stars

My Venus Star Point in Virgo before birth:
I am a priestess
In the Temple of Life
Every moment 
A chance 
For me to shine

Morning Star Venus:
Venus is so bright 
Shining in the morning sky 
Singing in the dawn

Moon Chant:
I wake to a New Moon 
I wake to a new day 
I wake to a new me 
I wake to a new way 

My Natal Chart:
I am a reflection 
Of Divine Perfection

I am the Spring which brings the growth of new things
I am the Summer which brings the height of the light
I am the Fall which brings the harvest and turning
I am the Winter which brings darkness and slumber

I am filled with Spirit (fire)
It infuses me with insights, inspiration, and passion
I have thoughts (air)
I observe them calmly floating away on the wind
I feel my emotions (water)
I let them ebb and flow like waves on the ocean
I am safe in my physical experience (earth)
My body a sacred temple and home for my soul

I initiate with purpose and intention (cardinal)
I stay the course with determination and dedication (fixed)
I know when to let go and move on (mutable)

Venus enters Scorpio:
I get intimate with myself
Looking closely at my reflection 
I see myself mirrored in the eyes of others
And in my surroundings
My life a mirror held up
For me to see myself clearly 
Will I dare to look 
And will I like what I see reflected back at me

Mars enters Libra:
I know my own heart
And so can act with integrity
I know my own mind
And so can think for myself
I know my own voice
And so can speak with conviction
I know my own soul
And so live my life in Divine Union

Fall Equinox:
I can only understand the dark
By considering the light
I can only appreciate the day
When I acknowledge the night
Shadows are only created 
When there is light
The Sun is reflected 
In the moonlight 
Balance is achieved 
When I can see all sides
When I achieve harmony 
And equilibrium on the inside

Mercury Retrograde in Libra:
Listening is a way of being
It means allowing for yourself 
To be changed by your relationships
You understand that even as you are now
You will not be the same you tomorrow
Your interactions with others will change you
Living life will change you
You are constantly in a state 
Of becoming who you are
Venus enters Sagittarius:
There is a flame in my heart 
That will never go out 
Though it may flicker and waver 
Desire, passion, and purpose 
Drive me forwards 
Into the unknown
Trusting that the light from my heart
Will lead the way
Guiding me with true vision
Age of Aquarius:
Freedom is inherent in your being
And love is the most natural feeling
Open your mind and heart 
And you will truly see
That life has a sacred beauty
And you have a sacred duty
To express yourself authentically 
To be who you are fully
So that you can contribute your melody 
To life’s symphony    

Mercury enters Scorpio:
When I know why
I can untie the knots
That are keeping me bound up
In old stories and ways of perceiving  
That are disempowering 
And keeping me 
From being 
All I am capable of becoming   
Venus enters Capricorn:
When my heart is engaged
And leads my life unerringly 
There are no mountains
Too high for me to climb
I trust that my love and devotion 
To the path I have chosen
Is more than enough 
To overcome any limitations, obstacles, and challenges 
That unfold before me
As I walk forward with dedication, commitment, and authority
Knowing it is my destiny 
To manifest my life with mastery 
New Moon in Pisces:
When the Sun and Moon join Jupiter in the Ocean of Oneness
They become expressions of unity 
Luminaries of light in a dark and stormy sea 
Guiding us into an unknown future
Where all things are possible 
Yet we allow ourselves to be guided by the Divine Mother
To listen to the beating of our connected hearts 
And feel the life force flowing in our bodies 
The sacred temples for Spirit to grow soul 
And for matter to be ensouled 
For life to become our way forward 
Love to become our shared language 
Where we build bridges and relationships 
Honor and respect ourselves, each other, and all other beings
Seeing the spark of divinity in all 
And letting the illusions of separation fall away
As we tell new stories 
Mercury enters Pisces:
When I seek wisdom 
It is more important to listen
Than it is to speak
It is more important to be curious
Than to believe
It is more important to be an empty vessel
Than a full cup
It is more important to go within for answers
Than to look to the external world for truth
For the Truth is that all of the answers 
Are within my being 
There is a clear path for me to follow
If only I can have but the courage
To open my heart and mind and really see
And allow the waters of Life to carry me
Full Moon in Virgo:
Only an empty vessel can be filled 
Open up and receive the blessings 
Of the heavens 
Raining down upon you
Inspiring dreams and visions beyond the ordinary 
That if you can but be daring enough to believe  
Can be brought down and grounded into reality 
Made manifest by the inspired actions
Of one who is alive with purpose and a sacred calling

Spring Equinox:
When the seed 
Is finally ready
To become a tree
It is the living impulse
The will to be
The fire within 
That burns hot and bright
I celebrate the turning 
To day from night 

Venus enters Pisces:
Swimming in the Cosmic Ocean
With my heart wide open
I love the way I want to be loved
I see with clarity the unity 
That we all are connected in the Web of Life
And that which I do unto others
I also do unto myself
I know that I must be the change
That I wish to see
May we all feel the love of the Great Mother
Allow ourselves to be wrapped in Her embrace
May we all join hands 
While we dance around the World Tree 

Full Moon Eclipse in Scorpio:
You begin one tiny forgiveness at a time
You breathe forgiveness into your being on your in-breath
And breathe out your hate with your out-breath
You hug yourself and say "I love you"
You walk barefoot and hug a tree
Feeling the unconditional love of Mother Gaia
Embracing you unconditionally
Giving you the nurturing you need to let go 
To let go of the past
Unshackle your brilliance from its clutches
Turn loathing into fierce art that rages away those feelings
And torture yourself no more
You are loved, dear child of the earth and of the stars
You are so dearly cherished and loved
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