Sacred Astrology Demystified

Astrology is simply a study of the natural cycle of time unfolding. In life, we are born and gradually unfold into the fullness of ourselves as we age, until we take our last breath and die. So too, in nature, there is a spring that unfolds into its fullness before it wanes and retracts into the barrenness of winter. And so and so on, the cycle continues. Everyone has a birth chart. Everyone unfolds. It is not a question of if you unfold. You do. It is a question of how well you unfold. Will you unfold into the fullness of who you are capable of being? Or will your potential lie dormant and two-dimensional, just like your birth chart?

The choice is entirely up to you. I prefer the former, which is why I study nature and astrology and use them to guide my own unfoldment. I am seeking to demystify and simplify astrology. I love pictures. I really do believe they are worth a thousand words. I created pictures of the planets, signs, and houses, and included brief descriptions of each. It is my hope that you also see the beauty and order in astrology, and allow it to become a tool for your own magnificent unfoldment.




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