The Sabian Symbols

My Fixed Cross Sabian Symbols, Astrological Doodle Art by Kandy Williams

My Astrology chart is marked by the Fixed Cross of the Phoenix, the Water Bearer, the Bull, and the Lion. I love the Sabian Symbols. I have looked up every major angle and all of my planets’ and points’ Sabian Symbols. I know some people are not familiar with the Sabian Symbols, so I thought I would write a short explanation here. The Sabian Symbols are Cosmic Wisdom downloaded to Elsie Wheeler and Marc Edmund Jones. Elsie Wheeler was a clairvoyant and Marc Edmund Jones was an astrologer. There are 360 Sabian Symbols, one for every degree of the Zodiac (12 signs x 30 degrees in each sign = 360 degrees). Each Symbol gives the degree life.

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My astrological drawings

My Sun, Moon, and Rising Sign, Astrological Doodle Art by Kandy Williams

I like to doodle art my astrology. That’s what I call my drawings, doodle art. They just come through me, and to the best of my current abilities, I put the energies I am feeling onto the paper. This is a drawing I did for my Sun, Moon, and Rising signs. It really helps me get in touch with my unique energies. I hope this inspires you to do some doodle drawing.

Why I love astrology

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I don’t remember exactly when I fell in love with astrology. I know when I first got an astrology reading online, from Cafe Astrology, I was amazed at how I could be “read” so well simply from providing my date, time, and place of birth. How does that allow someone to know who I am? It is like having your soul laid bare. I had already been familiar with my Sun sign, but I knew there was more even before I understood why. But the more I got to know my natal chart (or birth chart, astrology chart), the more I really loved myself because I appreciated how unique I was. No one else will ever have my birth chart or be me. That was a profound shift in my life. I wanted to learn everything I could about my chart so that I could express myself to the fullest and live my fullest life.

And the more I understood my unique energies (planets, archetypes), the more I got to know them in a visceral way, the more I understood that they too are evolving through me. The Universe is a dynamic dance of energies. Just as I am not static, neither are the planets. Therefore, astrology is not static either. It, too, will evolve to reflect a growing consciousness in humanity. Your birth chart is not static either. It Is like a guidebook that will lead you on your greatest journey: the journey to embodying your fullest Self. You will get more and more subtleties from your birth chart as you yourself evolve and grow.

Know thyself.