The planets in our solar system. As above, so below.

All we have to do is look at the planets in our solar system. Where they are located in relationship to the Sun and the Earth. How they behave. What they are made of. Astrology is deeply connected to the heavens and what is. It is the study of the heavens that informs astrology. Planets, to me, represent aspects of personality in a human being. I also refer to them as archetypes.

SUN: Heart of the solar system. Life body. The heart (physical and spiritual). Body of light and life force. Center of consciousness, core of your being. Vitality, purpose, immortal Spirit; lights up your path and fuels you with purpose.

MERCURY: Revolves around the Sun. Mental body. The mind. Realm of thoughts and information. Messenger of the Sun (heart). Body of information. Mental clarity, mental awareness & perception, communication; assists you in giving and receiving information.

VENUS: Revolves between Mercury and Earth. Feminine body. The senses, internal receptive body, body of attraction (magnetic). The Heart and Mind’s channel to the physical realm of the five senses. How you receive, value you place on yourself & others, what you desire to make you feel good, what you love; opens you to love and be loved.

EARTH: Revolves between Venus and Mars. Our point-of-view (geocentric). Physical body. The living human body, the center of the geocentric natal chart. Container for the Heart, Mind, and Senses, the bridge between the internal and external planets. How you embody your energies.

MOON: Satellite of the Earth. Emotional body. Messenger of the physical body, realm of feelings and emotions. Passes energy between the internal and the external realms. Emotional security, unconscious & sensitive inner emotions & responses; helps you feel and brings comfort when stressed.

MARS: Revolves between Earth and Asteroid Belt. First planet outside of Earth’s orbit. Masculine body, electric. Active energetic body, realm of movement and action. First wakes up at age two (Mars cycle). Your physical energy, drive, strength, & fighting spirit; your courageous warrior who pursues what you desire.

*CERES: Revolves between Mars and Asteroid Belt. Outside of Earth’s orbit. Nurturance; your ability to nurture yourself, to honor your deepest needs. Ceres in a birth chart shows where you have the capacity to be in coherence with Mother Earth and all of her creations. You follow the flow of natural wisdom, which guides your life with ease and grace in the material world. You are in synch with nature and its rhythms.   

JUPITER: First planet after Asteroid belt. Before Saturn. Body of expansion, body of beliefs and story. Twelve year cycle (puberty). First of the gas planets. Realm of optimism, story, philosophy, external adventures, growth, and expansion. What drives your actions, what motivates you to take action. Expansive, guidance; points to greater horizons and gifts you with hope; the divine “yes.” 

SATURN: Revolves between Jupiter and Uranus. Was once thought to be the last planet in our solar system. Body of teachings. The “Teacher” planet. 29.5 year cycle (maturity, adulthood). Realm of responsibilities and limitations. Boundary between the visible (with the naked eye) and invisible planets (the container of the material universe or “reality”). Authority (inner & outer), responsibility, mastery; advises how accomplishment and authority are best cultivated; the divine “no.”

CHIRON: A small orbiting body known as a centaur, it has an irregular orbit which takes it closer to Saturn (and the Sun) at times and closer to Uranus (away from the Sun) at other times. Healing body. Rainbow bridge, “weaver” of the visible and invisible realms. 50 year cycle (the hero(ine)’s journey). Realm of healing initiations and pain, the “sacred wound” and source of sacred wisdom. Healing; shape-shifts your challenges into healing tools.     

URANUS: First planet discovered with the aid of technological devices. Revolves between Saturn and Neptune. The “Higher Mind.” Your unique electrical life force current (kundalini). 84 year cycle (human life span). Realm of awakenings, epiphanies, individuality, and enlightenment. The “watcher or observer” of reality (your unique, individual perspective). Uranus even has an axis that is so tilted that it appears to roll around the Sun like an eyeball (sometimes looking at the inner solar system and sometimes looking at the outer solar system). Freedom, authenticity; your wild genius.

NEPTUNE: Revolves between Uranus and Pluto. Spiritual body. The dreamtime (spirit world). 164 year cycle. Source of visions for all things manifested. Timeless realm of spirit, visions, dreams, and the imagination. Connection, intuition; your portal to Spirit and your imagination.

PLUTO: Demoted to dwarf planet after the discovery of Eris. Have heard talk of it being promoted back to planet. Revolves between Neptune and Kuiper Belt. Human soul. Pure energy of life and death. 248 year cycle, which synchs with the rise and fall of human civilizations. Source of power and purpose. Realm of death, transformation, regeneration, and the subconscious. Empowerment, transformation; reveals what is essential and what must change or die.

*ERIS: Revolves beyond the Kuiper Belt. Its discovery was why Pluto got demoted from planet to dwarf planet. Revealing; your b.s. meter that reveals to you where you are out of alignment with yourself. Eris in a birth chart shows where you are a spiritual warrior who has the strength and courage to examine yourself with complete integrity and honesty, the unconditional Love for Self to do the inner shadow work necessary to align yourself with your highest vibration, and the determination to do whatever it takes to be in complete energetic alignment with your Highest Self. 

*Denotes a goddess energy that I work with, but not all astrologers do so. There are new planets, comets, asteroids, and other bodies being discovered in our solar system and beyond every day, and it is impossible to study them all. I only work with the planets/archetypes I have a close relationship with, and this varies from person to person. As our consciousness expands, we will continue to discover new archetypes. Studying and working with these new archetypes enriches the art of astrology.


LILLITH: Lillith or Black Moon Lillith is the geometric point in the sky that marks the furthest point of the moon’s orbit around the earth (the apogee of the moon). Because the moon’s orbit is elliptical, it has two center points; one is the earth, and the other is Black Moon Lilith. This dark void, which stays approximately nine months in each sign, embodies the very essence of the goddess Lilith. Lillith was banished from the Garden of Eden when she would not submit to being subservient to Adam. I see Lillith as creative (feminine) potential, Shakti, life force energy.

NODES: The North and South Nodes of the Moon are not planets but points of intersection involving the Earth revolving around the Sun and the Moon revolving around the Earth. Karmically speaking, most astrologers consider the North Node of the Moon our “future karma” and the South Node of the Moon our “past karma.” By understanding where the Moon’s Nodes fall in your chart, you can get a flavor of your past patterns and mastery (South Node) and what you are working towards in this lifetime (North Node). Your North and South Node will always be 180 degrees away from each other in your chart.  

NORTH NODE: Where the orbit of the Moon meets the orbit of the Earth as it is ascending above the Ecliptic Plane, you get the Ascending Node or North Node of the Moon.

SOUTH NODE: Where the orbit of the Moon meets the orbit of the Earth as it is descending below the Ecliptic Plane, you get the Descending Node or South Node of the Moon.  

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