The 12 houses in the astrology chart

Houses are based on the Earth’s spin on its axis in a 24-hour period, and they are where the archetypes are expressed in daily life. Even if you have no planets in a house when you are born, at some point throughout your life, the transiting planets will be in every house in your chart.

FIRST HOUSE: physical body and appearance; what you identify as, approach to life

SECOND HOUSE: physical values and resources; what you value, your physical resources, your sense of self-worth

THIRD HOUSE: how we think, learn, communicate, and interact with our local environment

FOURTH HOUSE: home and family; lineage, past, foundation, roots; early years of life

FIFTH HOUSE: creative self-expression; what you create, express, fun, play, entertainment; how you express what is in your heart

SIXTH HOUSE: daily devotion; health, daily habits, daily routine, work, service

SEVENTH HOUSE: relationships; who we are in one-on-one relationships, how we develop partnerships, parts of ourselves that we look for outside of ourselves

EIGHTH HOUSE: intimacy, emotional values; other people’s emotions and values, symbolic and deeper meanings behind the physical world, commitments, and deep passions

NINTH HOUSE: philosophy and belief; how things are once we experience them, natural law, philosophy and beliefs about life, expanding worldview through seeking, exploring, and adventure, big picture vision 

TENTH HOUSE: public image; career/vocation, what we are known for, what we accomplish and achieve in the world, reputation 

ELEVENTH HOUSE: community, groups we involve ourselves with, networks and support systems we surround ourselves with; goals, hopes and how we view the future

TWELFTH HOUSE: subconscious; dreams, imagination, spirit, alone time, spiritual life and spiritual health; can be the house of transcendence if we learn how to tap into our inner realms and inner life

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