New Moon in Gemini: Being open to different perspectives

On May 30, 2022, the New Moon in Gemini was at 6:30am CST. The Sun and Moon were conjunct at 09° Gemini 03’. This is an energy of deep curiosity, an open-minded innocence, a childlike wonder, and a desire to learn. Gemini is truly like a young child who sincerely asks the question “why?” TheyContinue reading “New Moon in Gemini: Being open to different perspectives”

New Moon & Partial Solar Eclipse in Taurus: Quantum leaps

The New Moon in Taurus occurs on April 30, 2022 at 3:28pm CST, and the Partial Solar Eclipse occurs at 3:41pm CST.  Eclipses happen when it appears as if one celestial body covers up another celestial body. A partial solar eclipse means the Moon covers the Sun only partially, but it is still an awe-inspiringContinue reading “New Moon & Partial Solar Eclipse in Taurus: Quantum leaps”

New Moon in Aries: The healing of the masculine

The Sun and the Moon come together at 11° Aries 30’ at 1:23am CST. They are closely conjunct Mercury and Chiron. The Sun (your vitality, life force), the Moon (emotional security and unconscious emotions and responses), Mercury (your thoughts, perceptions, ways of communicating), and Chiron (wounding that can become your greatest medicine) are all conjunctContinue reading “New Moon in Aries: The healing of the masculine”

New Moon in Pisces: Alchemizing your emotions

The New Moon is occurring on March 2, 2022 at 11:35am CST at 12° Pisces 07’.  The Sun and the Moon are closely conjunct Jupiter and widely conjunct Neptune, so we have both of the planets associated with Pisces in Pisces, joining the Sun and Moon. This has been quite an emotional time, and itContinue reading “New Moon in Pisces: Alchemizing your emotions”