Weekly Sacred Astrology, May 21-27, 2022

May 24, 2022 Venus conjunct Eris in Aries

May 21, 2022: Sun conjunct Mercury at 0° Gemini. This is a potent place for the Sun and Mercury to come together. Mercury is most at home in Gemini, a place where our minds can run free. We will feel the most vital and alive when we embrace the openness, curiosity, and playfulness of the Gemini energy. When you open up to the possibilities from a place of beginner’s mind, of not knowing, of sheer wonder. When you allow yourself the ability to change your mind, you give yourself the freedom to change your life.  

May 22, 2022: Mercury retrogrades back into Taurus. Mercury is going back into Taurus so that we may rethink our values. After all, our values are what drive our lives ultimately. If you value beauty, you seek to surround yourself with beauty. When you value love, you seek to surround yourself with love. When you embody your values, you will live a soul-full life.  

May 24, 2022: Mars enters Aries. Mars is entering into the sign it feels the most at home in. In Aries, our actions are effortless and instinctive. That being said, make certain that you pause before you take those actions, especially now that we are all feeling a little more fiery and passionate. Better to take a moment to reflect than to take actions you regret. That being said, you can get a lot achieved with this energy, so channel it towards what you most value (Mercury retrograding into Taurus will help you with that).   

Venus conjunct Eris at 24° Aries. We are being asked to honestly assess how we love, relate, and connect, not only with ourselves, but with others. Are you being authentic? Eris demands total authenticity, especially in Aries, the sign of I AM. When you can be real with yourself, you will attract relationships with others who reflect who you really are. 

May 25, 2022: Mercury at 28° Taurus trine Pluto at 28° Capricorn. Mercury retrogrades back into a trine with Pluto. This is the second of three trines. This a great energy for easeful and graceful transformation. Use this energy well and allow it to compost ways of perceiving the world that no longer serve the life you want to build for yourself, that don’t align with your values.   

May 26, 2022:  New Venus Portal: Venus conjunct Moon at 26° Aries. This energy is very emotionally raw. You just feel what you feel. That is perfectly okay. As long as we allow ourselves the space to feel and express without judgement, the emotions will pass through. Emotions are just energy in motion when you allow them to flow. It is only when we don’t allow them to pass that they get lodged in the body as trauma. 

May 27, 2022: Venus at 28° Aries square Pluto at 28° Capricorn. This energy is more confrontational than easeful (the trine of Mercury and Pluto). Squares require a change of direction. Venus’ unfettered and authentic heart expression may be hindered by external forces. Choose connection over confrontation.   

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