Venus enters Aries: I AM Love

May 2, 2022 Venus enters Aries

Venus enters Aries on May 2, 2022 at 11:10am CST. What is possible for us when the planet of personal love, the lower heart; our ability to love, relate, and connect enters the realm of the I AM, the initiating spark of creation that begins all? Everything beautiful can be birthed from this place. Venus will meet up with Chiron and Eris while transiting through Aries, and it will also square Pluto in Capricorn, which is now retrograde. Venus conjunct Chiron in Aries is an opportunity for deep healing, not only of our relationship to ourselves and the parts of us that we have repressed, suppressed, and denied, but it is also an opportunity to heal our connections with others and life, becoming more conscious of the truth that we are a sum of our relationships. Venus conjunct Eris in Aries is an invitation to even more radically own who we are; to work through the b.s. that is keeping us from our authentic beingness. Venus square Pluto In Capricorn retrograde will test who we are becoming, and if we are out of alignment with authenticity, we may feel challenged in some way by external authorities, structures, or institutions. The heart will lead you truly, but you must listen to its whispers, which are quiet, loving, and ever so patient. One who leads with heart will strive to act from a place of consideration of how they affect others. 

May 15: Venus conjunct Chiron at 14° Aries on the same day as the Total Lunar Eclipse
May 24: Venus conjunct Eris at 24° Aries
May 27: Venus at 28° Aries square Pluto Rx at 28° Capricorn
May 28: Venus enters Taurus 

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