Weekly Sacred Astrology, April 30-May 6, 2022

May 5, 2022 Sun conjunct Uranus

April 30, 2022: Partial Solar Eclipse-New Moon at 10° Taurus 28’ conjunct Uranus at 3:28pm CST. Having an eclipse conjunct Uranus is an opportunity to take quantum leaps you did not even know were possible. Or perhaps you did, because first Jupiter met up with Neptune in Pisces, and now Venus has entered into intimate conversation with both Neptune and Jupiter in Pisces, giving us access to dreams and visions from the metaphysical realms that are beyond what we thought were possible for us. But if we have been doing our work, then this eclipse will afford us an opportunity to make massive forward progress in our lives. Please read the blog post about this eclipse if you want to know more.     

May 2, 2022: Venus enters Aries. Venus is fresh off of its conjunction with both Neptune and Jupiter as it covered the last degrees of Pisces and a trip around the zodiac. How has your heart been expanded? How has your vision changed? Are you relating to others in a more expanded and compassionate way? Venus in Aries is fiery and passionate. How can you carry forward this expansion into a new way of being? Aries is a fresh start, a new beginning, an initiatory energy. It is the I AM. Set the world on fire with your passion, let love burn through your life, and see what is possible when you let your heart lead the way. 

May 5, 2022: Sun conjunct Uranus at 14° Taurus. Fresh off of the New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse, the Sun moves into an exact conjunction with Uranus. Odds are the eclipse already illuminated what this conjunction is all about for you. The Sun meets Uranus once a year and supercharges our authentic expression. Uranus is the Great Awakener and carries an energy of the cosmic wake-up call. If you are listening, Uranus helps you make changes in your life that allow you to be more you. If you ignore this energy, Uranus will disrupt, shake up, and break up your life so that you are “forced” into changes that appear sudden and unexpected, but after the dust settles and you have some perspective, you realize that the changes were for the best.  

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