New Moon & Partial Solar Eclipse in Taurus: Quantum leaps

April 30, 2022 New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse in Taurus Chart

The New Moon in Taurus occurs on April 30, 2022 at 3:28pm CST, and the Partial Solar Eclipse occurs at 3:41pm CST.  Eclipses happen when it appears as if one celestial body covers up another celestial body. A partial solar eclipse means the Moon covers the Sun only partially, but it is still an awe-inspiring phenomenon to witness. Astrologically speaking, eclipses are doorways that are opened up between the past and the future as the Nodes of the Moon are involved: North Node (future) and the South Node (past). This Partial Solar Eclipse involves the North Node in Taurus and the South Node in Scorpio. By now, you should have a really good idea about what the Nodes are teaching you as they have been in Taurus – Scorpio since the end of December 2021, mid-January 2022, depending on whether you use the Mean or True Nodes. 

Let us begin with the Sun and the Moon, conjunct in Taurus, yet they are not alone. They are each approaching a conjunction with Uranus, also in Taurus, so Uranian energy is infusing this Eclipse as well. Eclipses can bring about sudden and unexpected events all on their own, but you add the Great Awakener into the mix…well, expect the unexpected. The great thing about understanding change is this: it is inevitable. So go with the flow and take that quantum leap into the unknown knowing that you can fly. Or resist change and suffer needlessly as things get taken away from you and you feel victimized. Either way, Uranus is always seeking authentic expression, so know that on the other side of it, you will be more you than you ever have before.  

Venus, the queen of this New Moon and Eclipse in Taurus, is in a once-in-a-lifetime conjunction in Pisces with both Neptune and Jupiter. Venus is separating from Neptune (they were exactly conjunct on April 27), but it is approaching its conjunction with Jupiter, which is exact less than one hour after this eclipse at 4:14pm CST. This is loving energy on steroids. Personal love, the lower heart, our ability to love, relate, and connect (Venus), Universal love, the higher heart, our ability to dream, vision, and connect with the spiritual realms (Neptune), and Jupiter (guidance, wisdom, our ability to hope, to expand, and to say yes to life). Put all of these planets together in Pisces (oneness, unity, the metaphysical, the place where all things begin and end), and you may feel that absolutely anything is possible right now. 

Well, maybe it is, as Mars in Pisces is sextile the Sun, Moon, and Uranus in Taurus. Mars in Pisces gets a bad rap from a lot of astrologers, but I like Mars in Pisces because it is an energy of inspired action, loving action, compassionate action, someone who considers how their actions do affect others. None of us are islands. We are all connected with one another, nature, the Earth, the Sun, Moon, stars, and the cosmos. You are always affecting others, whether positively or negatively, but with all of this loving energy being channeled through Pisces, you have a chance to not only take a quantum leap in your life, but to truly do it from a place of loving intention for the highest good of all.  

Pluto in Capricorn is also playing a role in this eclipse as it is sextile the Neptune, Venus, and Jupiter in Pisces conjunction, giving us an extra push to let go of and surrender anything that is holding us back from our soul’s evolution. We are each of us a seed of potential, and we have everything we need within us to fulfill that potential, just as a seed has everything it needs to become the blade of grass, the flower, the bush, the tree. And yet, external conditions put pressure upon us (structures, systems, institutions, authorities) which can hold back our growth into our fullest potential if we don’t do the alchemy necessary to turn those forces into fuel for even greater growth and evolution. 

Pluto in Capricorn is also newly turned retrograde, in addition to being in a separating trine with Mercury, newly moved into Gemini. This is an energy of rethinking and reevaluating what is worth building (Capricorn). Whatever you are committing yourself to, make sure it is in alignment with soul values and that you are telling a story with your life that you really want to experience. Because life is ultimately a choose your own adventure, and you are the one who has to live with and experience your own choices. 

The North Node in Taurus and the South Node in Scorpio are still in a square with Saturn in Aquarius, though it is now separating. Saturn in Aquarius definitely wants us to move forward into the future. But in order to do so with maturity, inner authority, and responsibility, we must learn the lessons of the Nodes (Taurus – Scorpio) and seek to balance out these energies. To do the shadow work necessary to get in touch with our emotions so that we can become empowered and guided by them rather than tossed around and manipulated by them (Scorpio work) in order that we may become more empowered to live more fully in our bodies, aware of the ever unfolding miracle of having a physical experience of life on earth, grounded and present in the moment (Taurus work).   

If you have been working with the energies and doing your work, then this eclipse is a time of amazing opportunities and quantum leaps. If you have not been present with the energies and avoided taking responsibility for yourself and your life, this eclipse could bring sudden, unexpected, and shocking events that force you into doing the work anyway.  

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