Weekly Sacred Astrology, April 9-15, 2022

On April 13, 2022 Sun conjunct Eris in Aries

April 10, 2022: Mercury at 28° Aries square Pluto at 28° Capricorn. Think back to January 28, when Mercury retrograded into a conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn and then to February 11 when Mercury met up with Pluto again and both were trine the North Node in Taurus and sextile the South Node in Scorpio. This is the first quarter square of that meet-up. Mercury in Aries in its highest expression is authentic perception and communication. You are truly seeing the world through your unique lens and know how to communicate that to others. Square to Pluto in Capricorn, our perceptions are being put to the test. Are we truly coming from a place of authenticity, of inner authority and power? Or are we still giving our power away to external structures, institutions, and authorities? If you seek external validation for what you think and feel, then you are giving your power away to external sources. Authenticity means you are ready and willing to be the only one who sees the world the way that you do, and you are okay with that.    

Mercury enters Taurus. We will feel an energetic shift from initiating fire (Aries) to a more grounded and earthy sensibility, a practicality and determination to get things done (Taurus). Take what has begun as ideas and inspirations and start taking the practical steps to bring them into manifest form. If you have allowed Pluto to do its work of transformation upon you, then you can be assured that you are building a life that is aligned with your authentic values.   

April 12, 2022: Jupiter conjunct Neptune at 23° Pisces. I just posted a great deal about this once-in-a-lifetime conjunction on my blog. This aspect can be used in very healing, creative, and ceremonial ways to help propel our lives forward. We can let go of old patterns and free up our energy to dream new dreams. Big dreams. 

April 13, 2022: Peak Venus Portal: Venus at 8° Pisces opposite Moon at 8° Virgo at 12:27am CST. We might be feeling some emotional intensity right now. Our hearts might hurt, we might feel emotionally insecure because we are tapped into the collective unconscious and are getting pulled under by the lack of boundaries, not knowing what is ours and what is others.  Virgo discernment and discipline are key. Use your body to assess how you are feeling, and then do your daily practices to keep yourself grounded, balanced, and with healthy boundaries.   

Sun conjunct Eris at 24° Aries. When planets enter Aries, they are inevitably going to join up with Eris, the goddess who won’t let us get away with inauthenticity. She is considered the goddess of discord and chaos, but only because she is a b.s. meter. Eris in Aries knows when we are being inauthentic and calls us on it. With the Sun conjunct Eris in Aries, we just cannot turn away from where we are being inauthentic. This aspect will illuminate for you where you are out of alignment with that truth you feel inside. It will be painfully obvious. How can you be more authentic to yourself?

April 14, 2022: Mars enters Pisces. Mars is a surfer getting on his/her surfboard and paddling out into the Cosmic Ocean to catch the perfect wave. Sometimes you catch a wave and have the ride of your life and sometimes you get the timing wrong and get pummeled by the waves. Acting from a space of oneness, unity, no boundaries, and limitless possibilities, we can take divinely inspired actions that truly change the course of our lives. Or we can find ourselves being pummeled by our lack of boundaries and clarity, being propagandized, bamboozled, misled, and distracted. Balance Pisces energy with Virgo discernment. If something feels off in your body, trust that feeling and take appropriate action.  

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