Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces: Once-in-a-lifetime conjunction 

Astrological Doodle Art: Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces by Kandy Williams

Jupiter conjunct Neptune at 23° Pisces 59’ on April 12, 2022 at 9:42am CST. Jupiter is expansive, hopeful, optimistic, and buoyant. Neptune is agape, the higher heart, and connection to Spirit. Pisces is oneness, the collective unconscious, all possibilities, the metaphysical, spiritual, dreams, fantasies, and illusions. We can really be feeling more connection, more love, more compassion, and more possibilities. However, too much of anything can be “bad” for you, so it is important to keep that in mind with Jupiter. With both Pisces’ traditional and modern rulers at home and conjunct, it will be easy to feel expansive and to dream big. Unfortunately, illusions, delusions, fantasies, feeling overwhelmed by the collective, lack of boundaries, and numbing out can spiral out of control during this time as well. Healing, creativity, and ceremony are constructive ways to channel this energy.  

Jupiter and Neptune coming together in Pisces is a once-in-a-lifetime event as it only happens approximately every 166 years. The chart for this epic conjunction shows that what we do with this energy will determine whether we move forward into the future or fall back on old patterns that may make us feel secure and in control but leave us stuck in the past. 

Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces Chart

Jupiter and Neptune conjunct in Pisces are in a t-square with Black Moon Lilith at 29° Gemini 45’ and the Galactic Center at 27° Sagittarius 10’. This is showing us that we have so much Cosmic energy supporting our healing right now, that by being open and curious about what is rising within us and viewing it from a space of unconditional love and compassion, we can release the energies that are keeping us stuck in old patterns, allowing us more energy for growth and expansion into our authentic selves. 

Jupiter and Neptune are also sextile the North Node at 24° Taurus 09’ and trine the South Node at 24° Scorpio 09’. By consciously witnessing the shadows that are certainly coming up with the South Node in Scorpio: fears, traumas, control issues, insecurities, hidden motivations and embracing them with compassion and forgiveness, we are better able to integrate the experiences that brought about these wounds and fears. Therefore, we are empowered to embody more and more of our multidimensional energies in our physical bodies, to be present with ourselves in each and every moment, to feel what we are feeling, allowing emotions to pass through us rather than getting stuck in our bodies and creating loops of repeating patterns that re-traumatize us again and again. We are able to become more like oceans that flow rather than stagnant pools of water. We are able to free up our energies to create new patterns and dream new dreams. 

In addition to the beautiful and mystical Jupiter and Neptune conjunction in Pisces on April 12, the Moon also moves into Virgo, the sign of the Priestess, just before at 9:07am CST. Then the next day, April 13, the Moon opposes Venus in Pisces at 12:27am CST and trines Uranus in Taurus at 10:15am CST. What a magical time to hold ceremony, to work with the waters and the earth, to use our sacred connection to the Divine to shift the timeline we are on to one of love, peace, connection, and unity.

Sabian Symbol for 24° Pisces: 

KEYNOTE: The need to consciously accept one's own personal limitations in order to concentrate one's energies and to live a centered and fulfilled life.

Every individualized person is a small island in the vast ocean of mankind. The ego fulfills a necessary function, as it sets boundaries and gives a specific character to the consciousness. Within these boundaries a complex interplay linking and integrating the various aspects of the personal life can operate constructively. In time, these ego-boundaries can not only expand, but can become a zone of intense interchange between the inner and the outer, between the individual and the community, between man and the universe.

This fourth stage symbol tells us that the first duty of any man or woman is to be truly what he or she is as an individual. But this individual has a particular dharma, i.e. a place and function in a vaster whole. The island's inhabitants get subsistence from the sea, and in time learn to navigate this sea and interact with other islanders — and all eventually will come to realize their oneness within the whole Earth, which includes everything.

Here is a link to a beautiful meditation on forgiveness that an artist I follow, Stacey Maney, did for a podcast episode in celebration of this special conjunction inspired by an email I sent her about its significance.

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