Venus enters Pisces: Letting go of judgment

April 5,  2022 at 10:17am CST Venus enters Pisces

Venus enters Pisces, joining Jupiter and Neptune. Pisces is such a nebulous energy. It is oneness, unity, the collective unconscious, the metaphysical, the spiritual, dreams, illusions, fantasy, escapism, addictions, propaganda. I cannot speak for anyone else but me, but I have been seeing very clearly where I have been exiting my heart (where there is no judgement) and entering my head (where there are two hemispheres, two sides) and judging others. Getting up on my spiritual pedestal and looking down at everyone I see beneath me and condemning them. I intend to utilize this Venus in Pisces energy to get back into my heart and see through the eye of connection, of relationship, of unconditional love, of compassion, of beauty, of heart wisdom. Venus is only here until May 2, but while it is in Pisces, it will conjunct both Neptune (April 27) and Jupiter (April 30, less than an hour after the New Moon in Taurus and Partial Solar Eclipse).

Venus in Pisces in its higher expression will help you get into your heart, feeling the inherent oneness and unity of all life, feeling compassion for all beings, realizing that everyone has traumas and pains and are doing the best they can under the circumstances with which they find themselves, allowing you to let go of judgments and truly love unconditionally. This can also be a magnificent time for creating soul nourishing and inspiring art, or at least appreciating the art of others. It is also a time to embrace beauty, whatever that means for you. I have been drawn to get outside the past two mornings and appreciate the spectacular sunrise. In its lower expression, Venus in Pisces can be emotional overwhelm and feeling victimized and powerless, or perhaps used and martyred. It can also be wanting to escape from the body and physical experience (and whatever means are used to achieve that) because you don’t want to feel. You may also be more susceptible to illusion, fantasy, delusion, and propaganda because you are so open. But with anything you take in, you can always discern the underlying energy of it by how you feel. If something expands you, uplifts and empowers you, then it resonates with you. If something contracts you, puts you into anxiety and even fear, then it is not for you and you would do well to discard that information and go elsewhere. 

Swimming in the Cosmic Ocean
With my heart wide open
I love the way I want to be loved
I see with clarity the unity 
That we all are connected in the Web of Life
And that which I do unto others
I also do unto myself
I know that I must be the change
That I wish to see
May we all feel the love of the Great Mother
Allow ourselves to be wrapped in Her embrace
May we all join hands 
While we dance around the World Tree

Published by Kandy Williams

I am an astrologer, healer, and artist. I love nature, creativity, and learning (especially anything that helps me understand myself, others, and the world better and live a more fulfilled life). I am very heart-centered and open-minded and believe that we are all sparks of divinity in form.

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