Weekly Sacred Astrology, February 19-25, 2022

The birthchart for the United States

February 20-22, 2022: US Pluto Return exact at 27° Capricorn 33’. I have seen both February 20 and February 22 for the exact Pluto Return for the United States, and because Pluto is so slow and we have been in the midst of the Pluto Return for years now, I say don’t get lost in the weeds. This is a significant time for the US. July 12 Pluto will return here while retrograde and then on December 28, Pluto will go over this point again direct. The first thing I see when I look at the US Birthchart is the Sagittarius Ascendant conjunct the Great Attractor opposite the Gemini Descendant conjunct Uranus in Gemini. The Gemini – Sagittarius axis is the Wisdom axis. Unfortunately, as far as the US is concerned, I see more hubris, dogma, and self-righteousness than any kind of wisdom. In order to have true wisdom, one must embrace beginner’s mind, the openness, curiosity, and wonder of that Gemini, especially conjunct Uranus, which is radically open and curious and tapped into the Higher Mind.  

Another thing I see is that Neptune in Pisces is opposing the US’s Neptune in Virgo and squaring the US’s Mars in Gemini. Neptune can be illusions, delusions, fantasy, propaganda, escapism, and being out of touch with reality, and unfortunately, we are seeing a lot of that here. How can the US take actions that are aligned with wisdom, with spiritual principles, with Natural Law when it is so out of touch with actual reality? Then there is Pluto in Capricorn conjunct the US’s Pluto. It happens to be in the second house of values and resources. We are in the midst of deciding what it is we value in this country. And Pluto is bringing everything up to the surface to be looked at: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The Nodes of the US are in Leo and Aquarius. The North Node is in Leo. How could the US be a shining example to the world? There is so much potential in this chart. The US’s Venus, Jupiter, Sun, and Mercury are all in Cancer, signifying an energy of nurturance, care, compassion, and mothering. The US has Saturn in Libra in the tenth house. Our highest potential is to be a leader, an authority in relationships. We have the potential to collaborate, connect, and unify in a big way. What if we used that Sagittarius Ascendant opposite the Gemini Descendant conjunct Uranus to come up with revolutionary ideas for how we could proceed forward in a way that is aligned with Natural Law, with spiritual principles, with Cosmic Wisdom? Then there is the Moon in Aquarius, illustrating that we have a foundation of humanitarian, revolutionary, and freedom-seeking ideals, and when we allow everyone’s unique genius a voice, we are capable of leading the world forward into the Age of Aquarius.   

February 24, 2022: Mercury leaves shadow at 10° Aquarius 19’. Ahh, you might feel some relief as Mercury finally clears the degrees of its retrograde, and you will also likely start getting some clarity on how you want to move forward into the future. Mercury goes right into a square with Uranus at 11° Taurus just as it clears its shadow zone, giving the revolutionary and radical even more energy. You might find yourself contemplating “wild” and “crazy” ideas right now, though they are really just ideas that are unique, quantum, and simply ahead of their time. Don’t dismiss them. Do make sure they are aligned with heart (the opposite of Aquarius is Leo) though. We are moving into an age of heart wisdom, so consider all ideas through the lens of love: community, connection, and collaboration.  

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