New Venus Portal in Capricorn: Manifesting with heart wisdom

January 29, 2022 New Venus Portal Chart

On January 29, 2022 at 2:46am CST, Venus goes direct at 11° Capricorn 05’, then at 9:08pm CST, Venus and the Moon come together. This is the first New Venus Portal of the new 19-month Venus in Capricorn Cycle that began with the Venus Star Point of Venus conjunct the Sun at 18° Capricorn 43’ on January 8.

There is so much energy in Capricorn right now, and it is personal: Mars, Moon, Venus, and Mercury all in Capricorn, the sign that has been host to Pluto since 2008. Pluto, the Lord of the Underworld, the planet of death and rebirth, of transformation. All things institutional, structural, systemic, anything that takes time to form, things that are manifest, achievements, accomplishments, things that involve dedication, commitment, and mastery, all is the domain of Capricorn. Capricorn is the pinnacle of the earth signs, the only social earth sign as Taurus and Virgo are more personal. If you want to get to the top of the mountain, you are going to have to put the time and effort into it. Yet you are going to need others to get there.    

Venus entered Capricorn on November 5, 2021 and only two days later, on November 7, 2021, met up with the Moon for the first time at 2° Capricorn. This has been such an important portal. The Moon represents our unconscious, conditioned self, the one with the past, stories, lineage. Working with Venus, you move beyond the unconscious, conditioned, and little self and begin to embody the conscious, purposeful, and creative Feminine Self.  Venus conjunct the Moon in Capricorn is inviting us to grow up, to consciously and purposefully create, to build a world from our hearts with Love, to manifest with Heart Wisdom. Now Venus and the Moon are meeting up for the fourth of five conjunctions in Capricorn, yet they are joined by all of the other personal planets except the Sun, who has already gone through Capricorn, met up with Pluto, and gone on to light the way for the other planets to follow into Aquarius. The Sun is also approaching a conjunction with Saturn in Aquarius, an aspect that demands full accountability and conscious awareness of what we are building. 

Venus and the Moon are also trine Uranus in Taurus, an energy that is inviting us to revolutionize our values, to change the way we relate to our bodies, our resources, the very earth itself. Then just two days after their conjunction, on January 31, the Moon conjuncts the Sun for the New Moon at 12° Aquarius 20’. What this is telling me is that the personal planets are being excavated as they move through Capricorn. Pluto is exposing any rot that is hidden away in the foundations of the structures that we have built, personally and collectively, so that we can maturely and responsibly deal with the issues and move forward into the future in a more heart-centered way, building the new structures, institutions, businesses, and systems from a place of integrity, wisdom, responsibility, and maturity, where we are considerate of our relationship, our fundamental connection to all other life (other people, other beings, and the planet itself), where we let the heart lead our decisions and choices, rather than being stuck in the mind and the illusions and emotional disconnect that creates (shadow of Aquarius).

Perhaps it was Venus in Capricorn and the North Node moving into Taurus, but I was inspired to start a blog called The Green Astrologer. It is about my ever evolving journey to live more in harmony with nature. The blog is brand new, but I have been very passionate about this topic my entire life, so please subscribe to my blog to get updates delivered straight to your email inbox if you are interested. Thanks!

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