Weekly Sacred Astrology, January 22-28, 2022

Mercury conjunct Sun at 3° Aquarius on January 23, 2022 at 4:28am CST

January 23, 2022: Sun conjunct Mercury at 3° Aquarius. Before Mercury re-enters Capricorn, it is conjoining the Sun in Aquarius. In the heart of the Sun, Mercury will be infused with the Spirit of Aquarian ideals: quantum creativity, out of the box thinking, community and humanity-centric focus, contributing your unique genius to the whole. Since we are each an integral strand in the Web of Life, how do we create a world where we live in alignment with cooperation and contribution, rather than competition and consumerism?   

January 24, 2022: Mars enters Capricorn. Mars now joins Mercury, Venus, and Pluto here. Mars is now bringing the passion, will, and drive into Capricorn. We have been rethinking (Mercury Retrograde) and reevaluating (Venus Retrograde) our lives in a big way. Our minds (Mercury), hearts (Venus), and actions (Mars) are all now here in the sign of authority and mastery. Capricorn is the last Earth sign of the zodiac, the pinnacle of what we have created, which is why it is associated with form, structures, and institutions. It is the mountain that has been climbed. Now is the time to ask yourself if you like what you see from the top of the mountain. You can always change your mind, reassess your values, and build something new.   

January 25, 2022: Mercury Retrograde re-enters Capricorn. Mercury re-enters Capricorn as it retrogrades. It is bringing Aquarian energy as it backtracks through degrees it has already passed over once. We are being asked to rethink the structures, institutions, and forms (Capricorn) we have built collectively (Aquarius). Do they really serve humanity? Are they infused with ancient wisdom? Did we learn from the past (Capricorn) so that we can truly move forward (Aquarius) in a better way?

January 28, 2022: Mercury conjunct Pluto at 26° Capricorn. This is Mercury’s second conjunction with Pluto. Mercury was direct the first time they conjoined, though it was already in its shadow zone. Venus also conjuncts Pluto three times during its retrograde in Capricorn. When the personal planets encounter Pluto, you can be sure that personal transformation is on tap. Mercury is the mind, how we see the world and communicate that to others. In Capricorn, especially with Pluto involved, we are being asked to rethink how we manifest. Just because we can do something, it does not mean we should. I think we can all look at the world and see a lot of things we have manifested as a collective on this planet that are not aligned with living lives of meaning in harmony with the other life on this planet, including other human beings. No one is an island unto themselves, and I think Aquarius is helping us to understand that on a deeper level.   

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Published by Kandy Williams

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