Weekly Sacred Astrology, January 8-14, 2022

On January 14, 2022 Mercury goes retrograde in Aquarius

January 8, 2022: Venus Star Point: Venus Rx conjunct Sun at 18° Capricorn 43’. This begins a new 19-month Venus Cycle. Some astrologers are saying it is the beginning of a new 8 year cycle as well. No matter how you work with this energy, it is the energy of new beginnings. Venus is truly the planet of embodied love and Capricorn is the sign of wisdom, mastery, responsibility, commitment, dedication. Now is the time to ask yourself what you love so much that you are willing to dedicate yourself to it day in and day out. Have dreams, but make sure they are coming from the heart. If you want to read more about the Venus Star Point, you can read my post Venus Star Point in Capricorn: The power of Love.   

January 10, 2022: Eris goes direct at 23° Aries 41’. Eris, to me, is a fierce feminine energy. It is one that seeks inclusion, integration, and full authenticity. Eris in Aries is demanding full authenticity from us. Aries is the I AM, the fire that burns with a desire to be. Eris has been square to Pluto in Capricorn for a few years now, and going direct again, it will bring more fire to the transformation that we are all undergoing, individually and collectively, ready or not. 

January 11, 2022: Mars at 20° Sagittarius square Neptune at 20° Pisces. Mars in Sagittarius brings more fire into the energies this week. Mars in Sagittarius in its highest expression is one who is taking actions in alignment with their highest truth, their core, soul truth. There is a real difference between hubris and self-righteousness and truth. The one centered in their truth does not care if no one else believes what they believe. They are willing to stand alone in their truth. Mars square to Neptune in Pisces will actually put your beliefs to the spiritual test. Are you really standing in your truth, or are your beliefs given to you by others? Do you need a crowd in order to feel “safe” in what you believe?  

January 14, 2022: Mercury goes retrograde at 10° Aquarius 19’. I find it very significant that Mercury is going retrograde exactly square to Uranus at 10° Taurus. The lower mind (Mercury) in square to the Higher Mind (Uranus). And Mercury is in Aquarius, a sign that Uranus resonates with very strongly. If you are not in alignment with your Higher Mind, you could have some sudden shocks and surprises that awaken you out of your trance. Mercury in Aquarius can bring us some huge quantum leaps and creative, out of the box thinking if we utilize this energy, especially with Uranus involved.  

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