Weekly Sacred Astrology, December 18-24, 2021

December 21, 2021 at 10am CST the Sun enters Capricorn, marking the Solstice

This is a pivotal week, both personally and collectively. Beginning with the Full Moon, illuminating what you have learned while the Lunar Nodes transited Gemini and Sagittarius, and ending with the Lunar Nodes transitioning into Taurus and Scorpio. It is time to wrap up the lessons from the last 19 months and prepare to move forward, embodying the wisdom you have gained as the Nodes take us into fully experiencing our physicality and our emotionality, things that make living as a human so worthwhile. 

December 18, 2021: Full Moon at 27° Gemini 29’. This is an illumination of all that you learned in 2021. All of the lessons learned. All of the wisdom gained. All of the beliefs, people, places, circumstances, and situations that you let go. Letting go can be a very painful process, so acknowledge and feel what you need to feel. But in order to move forward, and with Saturn approaching its third and final exact square with Uranus in a few days, move forward you must, ready or not. Be open and curious for the possibilities that are available when you have the courage to let go of what you have known.   

December 19, 2021: Venus goes retrograde at 26° Capricorn 29’ until Jan. 29, 2022. Venus is conjunct Pluto and opposite the Moon in Cancer. This is a profound opportunity to allow your deepest longings to emerge from the inevitable transformation that will come with Venus going into the Underworld, hand-in-hand with Pluto, unafraid to go to the depths. This Venus Retrograde is asking us to compost what does not serve our hearts so that we can manifest in alignment with soul.  

Mercury at 8° Capricorn square Chiron at 8° Aries. An opportunity for healing when how we think, communicate, and perceive is square to the wound of inauthenticity. How can you more authentically communicate who you are and what you need? How can you authentically express who you are without filtering it based upon what others might think or feel? The most natural thing in the world is for you to be you, and when you communicate from a place of authenticity, you will find not only healing for yourself but find that you are giving others permission to do likewise. 

December 20, 2021: Peak Venus Portal: Venus at 26° Capricorn opposite Moon at 26° Cancer. Venus is now retrograde still conjunct Pluto. This is a deep dive into our emotional needs, values, and desires. Love, value, worth, beauty, they are all in the eyes of the beholder and are different for each and every one of us. With Venus opposite the Moon, you can see more clearly what is in your heart. What is your internal motivation? 

Chiron turns direct at 8° Aries 26’. I think of Chiron as the Healer who has wounds. We are all potential healers. We are all in a process of healing. It is near impossible to be alive on this planet right now and not have some pain, wounding, and trauma. Inevitably, most of us were made to feel bad or wrong simply for expressing authentically. It was usually not with evil intent, though it might have been. However, no matter the intent behind it, it is up to each and every one of us to reclaim our fullest potential and power by healing those traumas and wounds by radically loving ourselves. Unconditional love has the power to heal anything when applied. And when you heal, that energy filters out into the collective and empowers others to do likewise.   

December 21, 2021: Sun enters Capricorn, marking the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and Summer Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere. This sets the tone for the next three months to a year, depending on how you work with the cycles. The Sun joins Mercury, Venus, and Pluto in Capricorn, and the Nodes are nearing their end in Gemini and Sagittarius. The Moon is opposite Venus and Pluto. Saturn is approaching its third exact square with Uranus. What a profound time to start building a foundation for what we want in 2022.   

December 23, 2021: Saturn at 11° Aquarius square Uranus retrograde at 11° Taurus. This was the most important aspect of 2021. This is the last of their three exact squares, though they are within a 1° orb in 2022. I believe Saturn in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus is inviting us all to step into a greater expression of humanity. Let’s take the lessons from the past and build a future that is better for all. There is no competition for authenticity. When you are radiating your authentic essence, you know that the world is a better place for having you in it, and you are not threatened by others shining their light and contributing. You were born to contribute your unique genius to the world.    

December 24, 2021: North Node shifts into Taurus & South Node shifts into Scorpio. The North Node is inviting you to become more embodied, grounded, and rooted in the physical experience, appreciating the earth and its resources and beauty. The South Node in Scorpio is inviting you to get in touch with your deep emotional waters so that you know your internal motivations and passions, empowering yourself to take charge of your own emotional wellbeing, and becoming the powerful creator that you are. Can you activate your inner, organic, creative technologies?  

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Published by Kandy Williams

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