The astrological transits I am watching in 2022

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These are the astrological transits I am most interested in for 2022. It is of significance to me that we begin the year with Venus retrograde in Capricorn and end the year with Mars retrograde. Mercury will, of course, retrograde in 2022 as well. However, Mercury retrogrades every year, whereas Venus and Mars do not. The Lunar Nodes are switching signs at the end of 2021, marking a turning point in our collective lessons from Gemini – Sagittarius to Taurus – Scorpio. This also means all eclipses occur in Taurus and Scorpio in 2022. Jupiter will enter into Pisces at the end of 2021, sojourn into Aries in May for a few months before retrograding back into Pisces, then move back into Aries on the Winter Solstice to finish out 2022. The US is in the midst of its Pluto Return, to be exact in February. August brings us a triple conjunction of the North Node, Mars, and Uranus in Taurus. And as I mentioned earlier, we end 2022 with Mars retrograde in Gemini.   

Venus retrograde in Capricorn Dec. 19, 2021 until Jan. 29, 2022:

Even though Venus enters Capricorn on November 5, goes retrograde on December 19, 2021, and closely conjuncts Pluto all of December, it is a significant transit for 2022. On January 8, 2022, Venus conjuncts the Sun at 18° Capricorn 43’, forming a Star Point and beginning a new 19-month Venus Cycle. Then the first few days of March 2022, right before it enters Aquarius, Venus forms a triple conjunction with Pluto and Mars at 27° Capricorn. Venus in Capricorn is someone who has started a journey, and there are different paths one can take, all of them requiring one to climb mountains. Which mountains are worth climbing? Which paths are worth the dedication, commitment, and effort? What do you want to be the master of? What do you find so valuable and worthwhile you will dedicate yourself to it? What is worth your time, attention, and energy? What is your heart calling you to do? The new Venus Cycle is asking us to manifest from our heart’s wisdom, to be in balance between our masculine and feminine energies, and to allow ourselves to be stripped of what no longer serves our soul’s evolution.    

Lunar Nodes in Taurus and Scorpio Dec. 24, 2021 until July 13, 2023:

The North Node of the Moon moves into Taurus and the South Node of the Moon moves into Scorpio on December 24, 2021, signaling the beginning of our collective lessons on the axis of empowerment. Taurus is the earthiest of the earth signs, the first earth sign in the zodiac after the initial spark of Aries, signaling the seed sprouting in the fertile soil of the springtime. It is physicality, embodiment, holding on, and our own physical resources. While in Taurus, the North Node will conjunct Uranus for a lengthy period of time. Scorpio is a water sign, coming after Libra, where ideally we were learning how to relate with others. In Scorpio, we merge intimately with others and life. It is emotionality, empowerment, letting go, transformation, and shared resources. I call it the axis of empowerment or sovereignty because when you care for the sacred temple that is your body and you are emotionally aware and cultivate emotional maturity, you cannot be easily manipulated and controlled. 

Jupiter enters Pisces and Aries:

Jupiter enters Pisces on December 29, 2021 and remains there until May 10, 2022 when it will enter Aries. It will retrograde back into Pisces from October 28 until December 20, 2022. Then it will re-enter Aries for good on the Winter Solstice 2022. Think back to May 14-July 29, 2021, when Jupiter first entered Pisces, before it retrograded back into Aquarius. Those themes can now come to fruition.   

Jupiter is at home in Pisces, as Pisces was once a sign that Jupiter ruled (along with Sagittarius) before Neptune was discovered. Jupiter is expansive, hopeful,  optimistic, and buoyant. Pisces is oneness, the collective unconscious, all possibilities, the metaphysical, spiritual, dreams, fantasies, illusions, and delusions. We are going to feel a boost of faith, hope, and optimism that propels us forward in our lives. However, too much of anything can be “bad” for you, so it is important to keep that in mind with Jupiter. Neptune is also in Pisces. With both Pisces’ traditional and modern ruler at home, it will be easy to feel expansive and to dream big, especially when they conjunct in April 2022. Unfortunately, illusions, delusions, fantasies, and numbing out can spiral out of control during this time as well. So use this energy wisely.   

Jupiter in Aries is the beginning of a whole new cycle around the zodiac for Jupiter. It will briefly dip into Aries on May 11, 2022, turn retrograde at at 6° Aries 53’, and then return to Pisces on October 28, 2022 until it enters Aries for good on December 21, 2022. Jupiter in Aries is an expansion into your greatest potential, as Aries is the first sign in the zodiac, the I AM, the spark of divinity that descends into matter to express itself in form (Taurus). Jupiter will give you a boost of passion, will, and fire to be your authentic self, to express yourself to the fullest, to expand your worldview because we learn more about ourselves when we explore the world and move beyond what we have previously known.

US Pluto Return Feb. 22:

The United States has been in the midst of its Pluto Return for many years now, and will remain in its throes for many years still. Yet it is exact at 27° Capricorn 33’ on February 22, 2022, and I expect significant events may unfold around this time. If you want to read an excellent article on the US Pluto Return and see the chart, go here to dive deeper. A Pluto Return is a proverbial “come to Jesus” time period where all things good, bad, and ugly will surface from the depths of the collective unconscious to be examined and either integrated, composted, or transmuted.   

Mars, North Node, and Uranus conjunct at 18° Taurus Aug. 1-2:

With such a powerful conjunction in Taurus, freedom of expression, sovereignty over our bodies and health, and our values are going to come up in a major way around this time. It could be unexpected and sudden events if we ignore the promptings of Uranus and the North Node. But if we work with the Taurus energy, cultivating our physical wellbeing and vitality, being in alignment with our soul values, and cultivating a life that is truly worthy of who we are as divine beings, in this time period we will find that we have the resources to do what we feel inspired to do.

Mars retrograde in Gemini Oct. 31, 2022 until Jan. 13, 2023:

Mars enters Gemini on August 21, 2022, retrogrades at 25° Gemini 37’ on October 31, 2022, and goes direct at 8° Gemini 08’ on January 13, 2023. It will remain in Gemini until March 26, 2023. 

Mars is how we get what we want, our drive, our passion, what we do to move our lives forward. Gemini, in its highest expression, is Beginner’s Mind. It is truly like entering the temple of the unknown, of infinite possibilities, with wonder, curiosity, and enthusiasm. Gemini is the first air sign, so it makes sense that Gemini is the most innocent and childlike of the air signs. Gemini is the small child who goes around asking “why?” Gemini loves communicating, learning, storytelling, networking, information gathering, asking questions and truly being curious and open to the answers. Gemini is opposite Sagittarius, and that is where we form beliefs, philosophies, and even dogmas. If we lose our childlike curiosity, we can become stuck, stagnant, and mired in beliefs that may or may not even serve us or really even be true. The question to ask yourself with Mars in Gemini is “do you want to be right or do you want to be happy?” Mars in Gemini helps you take actions with playful curiosity and wonder. Be prepared to learn, try new things, have a childlike openness and creativity, and to not be afraid to fall down or even fail. No one become a master overnight, and Gemini knows that better than anyone as they playfully leap into the unknown with the abandon of someone who just wants to experiment and see what happens. 

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