Weekly Sacred Astrology, November 20–26, 2021

November 22, 2021 Sun enters Sagittarius

November 21, 2021: Peak Venus Portal: Venus in Capricorn opposite Moon in Cancer. When we have strong roots, we are able to reach for the heavens with more ease and authenticity. When we know what is in our hearts and what we truly value, there are no obstacles or challenges that we won’t face with commitment and dedication. You cannot know which mountains are worth climbing if you don’t know what is in your heart. Only by nurturing the seeds within can we grow a garden of authentic beauty. 

November 22, 2021: Sun enters Sagittarius. Sagittarius is a very spiritually optimistic sign. Standing with your feet firmly on the ground, on Mother Gaia, and shooting the arrows that carry your visions for the future into the heavens, is such a beautiful image that evokes Sagittarius’ essence. When we are fully embracing Sagittarius, we are that adventurous, questing seeker on a mission for expansion, for truth, for clear vision, for wisdom. Sagittarius wants to understand the meaning of life, wants to know why they are here, wants to know how they can live in alignment with their soul vision. And through this quest for understanding, we shift what we believe. Sagittarius is also beliefs, and in order to keep expanding and gaining greater vision, we must be able to let go of beliefs that are limiting how high we can shoot our arrows. 

Beliefs determine what is possible for us to experience in life. They are so fundamental to our ability to create our lives, yet most people never question what they believe and why. Sagittarius wants you to question your beliefs. Sagittarius is after the Truth and real Wisdom, and you cannot attain either by remaining stagnant and stubborn in your beliefs. Sagittarius follows Scorpio in the zodiac because Scorpio gives us the opportunity to examine, excavate, and transform our beliefs so that when we get to Sagittarius we can confidently stand upon Mother Gaia, aim our arrows of desire into the heavens, and know that our aim is true. Knowing yourself is the key to true wisdom. 

November 24, 2021: Mercury enters Sagittarius. Now is a good time to examine your beliefs. Why do you believe what you believe? Do you get defensive and self-righteous when someone believes differently than you? Can you calmly and openly consider different viewpoints and perspectives? Can you admit when you are wrong or when you don’t know?  

Sun conjunct South Node at 1° Sagittarius 42’ and opposite North Node at 1° Gemini 42’. The New Moon Total Solar Eclipse is happening on December 4. This is a preview. We ate being invited to examine our beliefs and to let go of any that don’t serve where we want to go. In order to manifest a life in alignment with our hearts, we have to have clear vision, wisdom about who we are and what we want, so we can pull back the arrow and shoot it into the heavens with confidence it will reach its desired destination. 

November 25, 2021: Mercury conjunct South Node at 1° Sagittarius 42’ and opposite North Node at 1° Gemini 42’. With openness and curiosity, we have ideally been using this time to examine our beliefs, the stories we tell ourselves and others to justify our actions, and have honestly examined what we know experientially to be true for us and what we have been told by others and taken on as our own truth. 

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