Weekly Sacred Astrology, November 13-19, 2021

Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse on November 19, 2021

November 13, 2021: Mercury at 12° Scorpio opposite Uranus at 12° Taurus. If you don’t take the time to feel your emotions, to understand your motivations and underlying passions, you might experience unexpected and sudden events in your life with Uranus opposite Mercury and Mars now. Utilize this energy to let go of patterns, conditioning, and programming that is not aligned with your soul, your authentic expression.  

Sun at 20° Scorpio trine Neptune at 20° Pisces. The Sun fuels us with vitality, light, and warmth. The Sun is thawing the iceberg, allowing for your emotions to flow freely. Use this energy to creatively express them. Listen to music, dance, paint, sculpt, bake, do whatever it is you do to unwind, unleash, and express. Get to know yourself through what you create. What seeks to be expressed through you? Let Spirit pour forth from you now. 

November 15, 2021: Sun at 23° Scorpio square Jupiter at 23° Aquarius. What wisdom have you gained these past few weeks as the Sun has been transiting Scorpio? Have you dared to look into the shadows to see what may be hidden there? Jupiter expands whatever it touches. What are you expanding in your life, for better or for worse?  

Venus at 8° Capricorn square Chiron at 8° Aries. If you have really been working with Chiron in Aries healing energy, using it to uncover your authenticity, you will better know which mountains are worth climbing. What you find of worth and value, what you are building in your life, will be in alignment with your soul. What is worth dedicating your time, attention, and energy towards? What do you value in your life?

November 17, 2021: Mars at 12° Scorpio opposite Uranus at 12° Taurus. First Mercury and now Mars in Scorpio is opposing Uranus. In a way, these aspects are preparing you for the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in two days, heralding the movement of the Moon’s Nodes into Taurus and Scorpio at the end of the year. Are you embodying your power? Are you emotionally aware? Do you know the motivations behind why you do what you do? If you don’t claim your own power, you can be easily manipulated by others into creating a reality that is not in your best interest. 

November 19, 2021: Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse (Sun at 26° Scorpio opposite Moon at 26° Taurus). When the Moon’s Nodes finally transit into Taurus and Scorpio, we will be able to look back on this Eclipse to see what came up for us to address, not only in our own lives but collectively. Earth (Taurus) and Water (Scorpio) are both feminine signs. Taurus and Scorpio is the empowerment axis. When you are grounded in your body, rooted in your physical experience, present and aware (Taurus), you can fully feel your emotions and harness their power in productive ways, knowing yourself deeply, which allows you to more intimately connect with others and life (Scorpio). 

Mercury at 20° Scorpio trine Neptune at 20° Pisces. Who knows what powerful impulses we could get from the depths with the Eclipse energy? This is a powerful portal, and there is support with this aspect for aligning our thoughts and emotions. When our energies are aligned, that is when magic can truly happen. 

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