Weekly Sacred Astrology, October 30-November 5, 2021

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October 30, 2021: Sun at 7° Scorpio square Saturn at 7° Aquarius. Have you been using the Sun in Scorpio energy to dive deeply within yourself, getting to know yourself intimately? Do you dare look in the darkness and the unconscious? If you have been daring to dive into the deep waters of Scorpio, this square with Saturn will bring you opportunities to move forward in your life in quantum ways, ways that are beyond linear understanding. 

October 31, 2021: Mars enters Scorpio. Mars enters the deep waters of Scorpio. Mars was considered the ruler of Scorpio until Pluto was discovered. Mars in Scorpio is the emotionally mature and heart coherent warrior, the one who takes action in service to their soul. When you understand how to work with your emotions, you empower yourself to work with creative energy. Emotions motivate us to act. 

November 1, 2021: Mercury at 22° Libra trine Jupiter at 22° Aquarius. Mercury in Libra has been asking you to expand your mind to encompass both sides of a story, to consider the other side of any issue. View a coin from one side, and see only heads or tails, but turn a coin on its side and see that there are no sides at all. Mercury trine Jupiter in Aquarius is expansive and visionary, even optimistic thinking. When you grasp that in the two there is but the one, you will have utilized the energy of this trine. 

November 2, 2021: Mercury at 24° Libra square Pluto at 24° Capricorn and opposite Eris at 24° Aries. Mercury is squaring the Lord of the Underworld and opposing the Goddess of Discord again as it nears the end of this retrograde’s shadow zone. This Mercury Retrograde in Libra has given you an opportunity to consider your mental clarity, mental awareness and perception, and communication. How do you give and receive information? Is your perception of reality clear? Pluto and Eris will help you uncover the truth. If you are out of alignment with Truth, your perceptions will fall to dust around you and reveal the beliefs that are tainting your awareness. 

November 3, 2021: Mercury leaves shadow zone at 25° Libra 8’. This Mercury Retrograde invited us to deeply explore our mental filters, how we give and receive information. We all perceive reality through filters, but if we are to truly relate to others in a harmonious and balanced way, it is important that we examine our filters periodically to make certain that they are not keeping us stuck in old patterns, conditioning, and programming that is holding us back from not only our authentic expression but from authentically relating with others as well.  

November 4, 2021: New Moon at 12° Scorpio 40’. The Sun and Moon in Scorpio are opposite Uranus at 12° Taurus 47’. They are also square to Saturn at 7° Aquarius, triggering the Saturn – Uranus square energy that has been humming along throughout 2021. If you want to resolve this challenging energy, think Leo. When we are being authentic to ourselves and our hearts, living life with courage, creatively expressing ourselves, and showing others what is possible through our own example, when we are roaring loudly for all of the world to see, we are doing Leo.     

November 5, 2021: Venus enters Capricorn, where it is going to go retrograde conjunct Pluto. It is truly time to get serious about following our heart’s wisdom. Building our lives from a place of deep reverence and connection to Life, we can manifest a world that is in service to Love. 

Mercury enters Scorpio. Mercury is entering the deep and mysterious waters of Scorpio. Scorpio is like an iceberg. When you view the tip of the iceberg, you are only seeing a small fraction of the whole. Scorpio asks you to go deeper into the mysteries of yourself than you have ever gone before. It is emotional, it is scary, it is mysterious, but it is empowering to intimately know yourself. When you understand how you view the world, the filters through which you perceive reality, you then have the power to change your reality if you so choose.    

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