Weekly Sacred Astrology, September 25-October 1, 2021

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September 26, 2021: Sun at 3° Libra trine North Node at 3° Gemini and sextile South Node at 3° Sagittarius. The Sun has just begun its sojourn through Libra, and it is now in a beautifully supportive and flowing aspect with the Nodes. The Sun trine the North Node is supportive of open-minded communication with a curiosity to really understand the others’ perspective, putting aside our own beliefs and stories (sextile the South Node) with a willingness to meet the other in a space of loving compassion. This is a time to utilize these harmonious energies to bring balance and peace into our relationships.      

Mars at 7° Libra trine Saturn at 7° Aquarius. Mara in Libra is inviting us to learn how to balance our needs and desires with the needs and desires of others, especially important others in our lives, in order to achieve harmony and peace. Saturn in Aquarius is supporting us to utilize diplomatic skills with everyone, as Aquarius is community-centric, humanitarian, and concerned with the highest good of all. We can achieve justice and peace in the world only when we allow everyone the freedom to be authentically themselves and to think, feel, and believe differently than we do.     

September 27, 2021: Mercury goes retrograde at 25° Libra 28’. Mercury will be retrograde until October 19. Currently Mercury is opposite Eris in Aries and square to a stationary Pluto in Capricorn. Mercury is going to conjunct the Sun and Mars on October 9. This Mercury Retrograde is inviting us to deeply explore our mental filters, how we give and receive information. We all perceive reality through filters, but if we are to truly relate to others in a harmonious and balanced way, it is important that we examine our filters periodically to make certain that they are not keeping us stuck in old patterns, conditioning, and programming that is holding us back from not only our authentic expression but from authentically relating with others as well.  

September 30, 2021: Sun at 7° Libra trine Saturn at 7° Aquarius. Mars just moved out of this trine even as the Sun moves into it. The Sun lights up our path and fuels us with purpose and in Libra, it is all about relationships. How are we relating to the world at large? What are we contributing to our communities, to humanity, to the Earth? First we must have right relationship with ourselves, then we can take that into our close relationships and into our relationships with our communities. I have said it before, but it bears repeating: life is relationship. You cannot escape it. But your first and foremost relationship is with yourself. That primary relationship is mirrored in all others.  

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