Weekly Sacred Astrology, September 4-10, 2021

Poem by Kandy Williams; Created in Adobe Spark Post

September 5, 2021: Mercury at 7” Libra trine Saturn at 7° Aquarius. Mercury in Libra is all about balance, harmony, and equilibrium in how we perceive the world and how we communicate that to others. Are we taking other people’s perspectives into account? Are we allowing for others to see the world differently from ourselves? With a trine to Saturn in Aquarius, we can learn a lot from others if we allow ourselves to be open to different perspectives. After all, we cannot possibly know everything there is to know. Everyone has a unique perspective, genius, something to offer the collective. Collaboration, cooperation, and community-focused efforts are supported with this aspect. 

September 6, 2021: New Moon at 14° Virgo. This New Moon is exactly trine Uranus at 14° Taurus. The Sun and Moon in the temple of Virgo, the sign of sacred devotion and service, of discernment and purification trine revolutionary and freedom loving Uranus in Taurus. Uranus has been upending how we relate to our bodies, the Earth, what we value, how we use our resources in the best way. This New Moon is a good time to ask yourself what you value most and how you can live your life in sacred service to those values. What is worth giving your time, attention, and energy toward each and every day? What we do every day does matter.  

Venus at 24° Libra square Pluto at 24° Capricorn & Venus at 24° Libra trine Jupiter at 24° Aquarius. Venus is being challenged by external authorities with the square to Pluto while at the same time getting a boost of optimism and faith from the trine to Jupiter. What we love, value, and hold dear is being challenged by forces outside of us, yet if we allow our faith, optimism, and visions to guide us forward, we can find a power within ourselves that we didn’t know we had.   

September 7, 2021: Mars at 24° Virgo trine Pluto at 24° Capricorn. Mars has been refined in the purifying fires of Virgo, and our actions are more discriminating, discerning, and are in alignment with sacred service to our souls. With a trine to Pluto in Capricorn, we are empowered when we walk the sacred path, and the energies of transformation will allow us to become the butterfly.  

September 9, 2021: New Venus Portal: Venus conjunct Moon at 29° Libra. Venus conjuncts the Moon right before it exits Libra and enters Scorpio. What lessons have you been learning in Libra? Our divine feminine natures naturally love Libra, a sign that in its highest expression is harmonious, balanced, peaceful, and in energetic equilibrium. Is your heart as light as a feather? Do you know how to utilize your emotions as a compass for growth? Are you in heart coherence? 

September 10, 2021: Venus enters Scorpio. Whereas Libra is considered the sign of relationships, Scorpio takes it a step further into intimacy. Scorpio is about merging. Most relationships don’t make it to this level of vulnerability and intimacy. Your first and most important relationship is with yourself and your own heart. When you truly know yourself, you can enter into the deep mystery of merging with others and life in a more empowered way. 

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