Weekly Sacred Astrology, August 21-27, 2021

Sun enters Virgo on August 22, 2021

August 22, 2021: Full Moon at 29° Aquarius 37’. Last month, on July 23, we had a Full Moon at 1° Aquarius. This is an ending, a completion. What came up for you last month, and have you received some clarity around it? The Moon is conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius and the Sun is separating from an opposition with Jupiter. Jupiter is optimism, faith, expansion, vision. What is your unique contribution to make now? What is your future vision? There is a kite in this chart. There is a Grand air trine with the North Node in Gemini, Venus in Libra, and Saturn in Aquarius. Venus and Saturn are each in a sextile with the South Node in Sagittarius. And the North Node is opposite the South Node. What this says to me is that you can put a lot of wind in your sails when you utilize the energy of air in an inspired way: new ways of thinking, communicating, connecting, building, relating. Use that Beginner’s Mind to truly see with clear vision.     

Sun enters Virgo. The Sun enters Virgo soon after the Full Moon. Sun in Virgo will give us even more energy to be the priest or priestess of our lives. The Sun is following the other personal planets into Virgo (Mercury, Venus, and Mars) and is illuminating the Virgo area of our chart. How can we be more discerning and discriminating with our energies? Are we honoring the sacred temple of our bodies and our lives? Are we purifying ourselves, allowing ourselves to be the keepers of the sacred flame in our hearts?   

August 23, 2021: Venus at 8° Libra trine Saturn at 8° Aquarius. Venus is in a Grand air trine with Saturn and the North Node in Gemini. This is a great energy for having inspired ideas, insights, conversations, seeing things in a new way. What a great time for envisioning something new, for relating to other people and life in a more inspired way, for seeing how you can build something for yourself that you didn’t think was possible before. 

Mars at 14° Virgo trine Uranus at 14° Taurus. More great energy for moving forward, yet this is more practical and grounded energy. Take action with your inspired ideas and insights. Take steps toward your vision.   

August 25, 2021: Peak Venus Portal: Venus at 10° Libra opposite Moon at 10° Aries. Focus on your feelings. We are always feeling something, and when we are aware of this, we can be more present not only for ourselves but also in our relationships. When we are conscious of our emotions, we can work with them rather than denying them, suppressing them, or worse, projecting them onto others.  

Mercury at 22° Virgo opposite Neptune at 22° Pisces. We may feel discombobulated and foggy. Things may seem very unclear as Neptune fogs up our minds. But let Neptune do its work of dissolving what is no longer needed, and you will perhaps find crystal clear clarity on the other side of this transit. 

August 26, 2021: Venus at 12° Libra opposite Chiron at 12° Aries. How we relate to others is a direct reflection of how we feel about ourselves. As long as we are doing the deep healing work of uncovering our authentic selves, we are opening ourselves up to greater intimacy with others, increasing our capacity to fully give of ourselves in our relationships.   

August 27, 2021: Pluto at 24° Capricorn square Eris at 24° Aries. Pluto has been in a closing square with Eris since 2020. This is a deeply transformative energy. Destruction and chaos are always present, though, when transformation is at hand. The caterpillar must be utterly destroyed before it can become the butterfly. 

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