Weekly Sacred Astrology, August 7-13, 2021

Poem by Kandy Williams. Made in Adobe Spark Post

August 7, 2021: Sun at 14° Leo square Uranus at 14° Taurus. We are in a continuation of the energy from last week where our personal planets are triggering the Saturn-Uranus square, the underlying energy of 2021 and nearly all of 2022. The old versus the new, the status quo and the way it has been versus originality, revolution, and the way it could be. The Sun, our life force, our will, our radiance, in square to Uranus, the Great Awakener, the Higher Mind, freedom to be and express You. After possibly feeling blocked by “outside” forces, we unleash our originality on the world anyway, no matter what anyone else thinks or feels. We cannot help but be anything other than what we are, and why would you want to be less than that? 

August 8, 2021: New Moon at 16° Leo. This is also what some call the 8-8 Lion’s Gate. I will put a link here so you can read more about that if you want to go deeper.  I am no expert on it, so I will stick to the astrology of the New Moon. The Sun and Moon in Leo are in a separating conjunction with Mercury in Leo opposite a separating opposition from Saturn in Aquarius and that square to Uranus in Taurus. You have probably felt the tug of this t-square. Your authentic self-expression being opposed by Saturn, but with the revolutionary zeal of Uranus, you cannot help but be you. Let your weird flag fly!   

August 10, 2021: Venus at 22° Virgo opposite Neptune at 22° Pisces. I have heard Venus described as the lower octave of love and Neptune described as the Higher octave of Love. I like that for this opposition. Bring me a Higher Love! It is needed these days now more than ever. Let what you love and value in your life be a true and clear reflection of what is in your heart and soul. Be filled with Spirit so that you can lead an inspired life. 

August 11, 2021: New Venus Portal: Venus conjunct Moon at 23° Virgo. I love working with Venus. If you want to know more about the Venus Cycle, there is plenty of info out there. I have been heavily influenced by Sasha Benedetti and Tami Brunk. Venus conjunct the Moon in Virgo is the priestess accepting a new candidate into her temple. Venus lovingly takes the Moon under its wing and shows it how to drop the old stories, programming, and conditioning, and move forward in a higher way, a way that is purified, discriminating and discerning to what is allowed into the temple, living in a way that honors the sanctity and sacredness of Life.  

Mercury at 28° Leo opposite Jupiter at 28° Aquarius. How we perceive reality opposite the planet that expands. What do you see when you look out at “reality,” and does it really tell a story that you want to tell? Beliefs determine what we experience as “reality,” so this is a good time to look at those beliefs and separate out the ones that limit you from the ones that help you expand, grow, and more truly express your authentic Self.  

Mars at 7° Virgo in a t-square with the Nodes. Mars in a t-square with the North Node in Gemini and the South Node in Sagittarius. If you have been consciously working with the Nodes, you have been looking at your beliefs and determining which ones serve you and your evolution and which ones you are ready to let go of. Then with a Beginner’s Mind and the openness, curiosity, and wonder of a child, you can move forward and take inspired actions that truly honor you and the sacredness of your life. 

August 12, 2021: Mercury enters Virgo. Mercury joins Venus and Mars in Virgo. Our minds get purified and refined in the sacred fires of Virgo. You are better able to discriminate and discern what is real and what is BS, what is true for you and what is not. Your mind falls in line with your purified values and actions, and with that alignment, you can confidently move forward in life in a more sacred and pure way, knowing you are being of service to All when you are truly serving your Self.    

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