Weekly Sacred Astrology, June 26-July 2, 2021

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June 26, 2021: Peak Venus Portal: Venus at 28° Cancer opposite Moon at 28° Capricorn. I have been working with the cycles of Venus more closely since June 2020. I have learned a lot from Sasha Benedetti and her Venus Wisdom, though I have always had a close relationship with Venus. Venus in Cancer opposite Moon in Capricorn is a mirror of the Full Moon we had two days earlier where we had the Sun in Cancer opposite the Moon in Capricorn. The Mother – Father axis. The Divine Feminine – Divine Masculine axis. No matter what kind of parenting you received growing up, as we become adults it is up to us to learn how to nurture (Cancer) and support (Capricorn) ourselves, to integrate our feminine and masculine energies that give birth to the Divine Child. Tap into that watery Venus in Cancer energy, that emotional nurturing, valuing self-care, and feeling worthy to receive. And then balance that with the Moon in Capricorn which is emotional maturity, being the master of your energies, and supporting yourself and giving yourself what you need to express yourself fully out in the world (Leo: Divine Child).     

June 27, 2021: Venus enters Leo. Ahh, I love Venus in Leo. I know it well as my Venus is in Leo. Venus in Leo is in the sign that is ruled by the Sun. Venus shines brightly in Leo, being expressive and radiating love. This is a time to bask in what you love, value, find beautiful, find worthwhile, and to express your love in whatever ways you feel called to do so. Imagine yourself as a lion or lioness roaring love.  

July 1, 2021: Mars at 12° Leo opposite Saturn at 12° Aquarius. Mars in Leo is a desire to express our authentic selves, to radiate, to shine our brilliance, and Saturn in Aquarius in its highest expression is a mastery of ourselves and who we are so that we can fully contribute to the whole. If we are overwhelmed by an authoritarian Saturn in Aquarius that tries to dim our light and tell us how we should be, go into your heart and ask it to show you how to contribute in your own unique way. Observe how the Sun just shines, equally on everyone everyday. No one can ever tell you what to do or take your power unless you allow it. 

July 2, 2021: Mars at 12° Leo trine Chiron at 12° Aries. What a beautiful energy of owning that unique brilliance that you are. Chiron in Aries is asking us to heal the places where we have not been authentic, where we have given our power away to others, where we have felt the pain of being separated from the Truth of our divine nature. Leo is the sign of the Sun and Aries is the sign of I am. Be you to the fullest! 

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