Neptune goes retrograde: Reimagine what is possible

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Neptune turns retrograde at 23° Pisces 12’ on June 25, 2021 at 2:22pm CST. It remains retrograde until December 1, 2021. Neptune was stationed at the same time Jupiter was stationed to go retrograde as well, and both of them being in Pisces, we have likely been feeling very dreamy, creative, more connected to the unconscious, and all things metaphysical. Jupiter can only expand us to the realm of Saturn, but Neptune can expand us out beyond the physical world and our limitations. Retrogrades are actually an intensification of a planet’s energy as it is closer to the Earth now. So Neptunian energy will be intensified. 

With Neptune going retrograde in Pisces, you can reimagine what’s possible in your life. Refocusing on the magic and the synchronicities you experience every day are other ways you can work with Neptune. Try paying closer attention to your dreams, listen to music, do your favorite type of creative expression, whether that is writing, dancing, painting, knitting, cooking, whatever it is you do to channel Spirit. Try learning another way to interface with the Divine like tarot, astrology, numerology, or another method that speaks to you. Spirit is always available and always speaking to us, it is just a matter of tuning into the realm beyond the one you can perceive with your senses. Neptune in retrograde can help you tune into that world more clearly, boosting your intuition, your ability to sense energies, and your connection to the oneness of all life. 

Important dates for Neptune in retrograde: 

March 4: Neptune enters shadow zone at 20° Pisces 24’

June 25: Neptune turns retrograde at 23° Pisces 12’

December 1: Neptune turns direct at 20° Pisces 24’

March 22, 2022: Neptune leaves shadow zone at 23° Pisces 12’ 

Tarot card for Neptune in retrograde energy:

The Siren from The Wild Unknown: Archetypes Tarot Deck by Kim Krans

Often portrayed as a mermaid, nymph, or fairy. They lead travelers astray from the path they were on. When you follow the song of the siren, you will get pulled into the Great Unknown, the realm of Mystery, where you will be tested. Lessons are learned and courage you did not know you had is found in order that you may find your way back to dry land. When you do, however, you are able to live more fully for having gone on the journey into the deep. This is an awakened call to Life. Neptune is asking you to go on a journey into your deep psychic realms, the astral plane, the realm of the collective unconscious, where dreams, fantasies, illusions, deceit, and lies are all interchangeable. And yet, if you can have but the courage to heed the siren’s song, you just may find the most magnificent treasures waiting in the depths to be uncovered. Emotions, when harnessed, are the most powerful thing we have to create. They are the motivation behind everything you will ever do in your life, your “why?” 

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