Summer Solstice 2021: Healing the self

June 21, 2021 Summer Solstice Chart


Today, June 20, 2021 at 10:32pm CST we have the Sun crossing over the 0 degree Cancer point and we have the Solstice, Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and Winter Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere. We also have Jupiter in Pisces going retrograde at 10:05am CST twelve hours before Solstice. 

The Sun moving into Cancer can bring such a watery, emotional, and flowing energy. The Moon in Scorpio is trine the Sun, square to Mars in Leo, Venus in Cancer is opposite Pluto in Capricorn, Pluto in Capricorn is square Eris in Aries, Saturn in Aquarius is sextile Chiron in Aries, and the South Node in Sagittarius is trine Chiron in Aries. That is a lot of powerful energy for the healing of the self. There can be no forward progress when there are parts of you, unconscious and out of your awareness, that are sabotaging you. No one intentionally sabotages themselves, but it happens nevertheless when you are operating under limiting beliefs, programs, and conditioning. Any time you take on an energy that is not yours or repress an energy that is yours, you create a knot within your energy field that then needs to be remedied and healed at some point. You must unblock that energetic knot if you are to regain access to your natural energetic flow.

There is also Jupiter going retrograde in Pisces and Neptune stationing to go retrograde in Pisces. We are being invited by these energies to go deeply within and reconnect with Spirit, the metaphysical, the Higher/Inner/Divine Self. By reconnecting and developing a deeper relationship with ourSelves, we can move forward in our lives with more optimism, faith, trust, connection, and real discernment because we have gotten to know ourselves and our energies and know on an intuitive and feeling level what resonates with us and what doesn’t in any given moment. 

Saturn in Aquarius is still in a close square to Uranus in Taurus. We have been working with this energy all year. The old and the new, the past and the future, the earth and space, individual sovereignty and the highest good of all concerned, organic, natural and technology. But the thing is, it doesn’t have to be an either/or. This is an invitation to integrate ancient earth wisdom and the magnificent organic technology of our bodies, the Earth, and its natural systems that have been evolving for billions of years and create systems, institutions, and structures that are truly in alignment with this wisdom with intentions for the highest good of all concerned, not only all humans but all of the life that we share this magnificent planet we call home with.  

The North Node and Mercury are still conjunct in Gemini as Mercury is stationed to turn direct again and they are trine Saturn in Aquarius. This is very supportive to creating those systems, institutions, and structures that are in alignment with the highest good of all concerned. When we are tapping into our Higher Minds and being open, curious, and receptive to all information and are not filtering it based upon philosophies, beliefs, and dogmas that are keeping us stuck in old stories (South Node in Sagittarius), we can truly tap into our imaginations and create from a space of the innocence of the Divine Child or the Fool in the Tarot. 

Grand Fixed Cross: Ceres and Uranus conjunct in Taurus opposite the Moon in Scorpio and Mars in Leo opposite Saturn in Aquarius. The Fixed Cross symbolizes bringing Spirit down into matter. Taking the building blocks of life, the elements of earth (Taurus), water (Scorpio), fire (Leo), and air (Aquarius) and creating something that honors the sacredness of Life. What a gift to be alive, to have a physical experience on such a beautiful planet that provides for us without question. There is abundance in nature. How can we reclaim our place as stewards of this planet and Life? How can we build a world that reveres and honors all Life? How can we move forward telling a new story of humanity, one in which we step into our roles as the co-creators that we are, fully owning and embracing our power with wisdom and Love?

I have been working with tarot a lot over the past few months, not only using homemade astrology tarot cards, but other divination decks as well. I felt inspired to draw a card from the most recent deck I purchased, The Wild Unknown: Archetypes by Kim Krans. I felt inspired to pick a card that encapsulates the energy of this Solstice. The Poet literally fell out of the deck. 

 The Poet from The Wild Unknown: Archetypes Tarot Deck by Kim Krans

The Poet, card number 7 in her deck of 78 archetypes. A Self card. The poet is a bridge between the every day and the sacred, the one who bridges heaven (Spirit) and earth (matter). The artist, the witness, the one who tells the truth. Here is what Kim has to say about this card. I cannot put it into words any better than she already has. “The Poet’s work is to feel immensely and not be afraid. They must seek out truth in the darkest corners of the world and carry it back for all to see. This unique capacity resides within us all, regardless of our relationship to creativity. When the Poet energy is present, there is a call for deep honesty and reflection, for seeing the big picture within the little one. The Poet rides effortlessly between the personal and universal. It’s possible that others may seem not to listen or care about the Poet’s work, but do not be discouraged. The words of the Poet ring true for centuries to come, soothing the wounds of despair and violence that captivate our world. The Poet’s work is never finished. Find your voice, and trust that the wind will carry it.”

Highest expression: clairvoyant, wise, timeless

Lower expression: harmful words, sharp tongue, untapped creativity

We are all artists and art, intertwined in the divine dance of life. 

Published by Kandy Williams

I am an astrologer, healer, and artist. I love nature, creativity, and learning (especially anything that helps me understand myself, others, and the world better and live a more fulfilled life). I am very heart-centered and open-minded and believe that we are all sparks of divinity in form.

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