Weekly Sacred Astrology, June 19-June 25, 2021

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June 20, 2021: Sun enters Cancer, Summer Solstice. This marks a major turning point in the axis of the year. In the Northern Hemisphere we have our longest day, and our friends in the Southern Hemisphere have their shortest day. Sun entering Cancer is a time when we get to work with the nurturing and feeling tides. Think of Cancer as the Mother’s Womb. Meditate on the Womb. We all have a womb within us, women and men. It is the space from which all things are born, children, art projects, home cooked meals, symphonies, gardens, anything we bring into form from within. This is a time to nurture, care for, nourish, and contemplate what really matters to you in intimate ways like in your home and your family. This is also a good time to root down into yourself. Things from the past may come up too. But the past can be changed through acceptance and transmutation. Allow time to explore your watery depths and honor your deep emotional needs. Be sure to celebrate in whatever way you feel called to do so.  

Jupiter at 2° Pisces 11’ goes retrograde. We have had time to get a flavor for what Jupiter in Pisces means for us. Jupiter expands whatever it touches, so being in the watery depths of Pisces, the realm of imagination, dreams, illusions, fantasies, the metaphysical, the unconscious, and the hidden realms, we have perhaps felt even more in tune with the collective unconscious than ever (with both Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces), and maybe our dreams have been on steroids as well. In order to work with this energy, it helps to have spiritual practices that help you to ground like being outside in nature and earthing or doing anything that helps you be present in your body and your physical experience.  

June 21 2021: Venus at 23° Cancer trine Neptune at 23° Pisces (which is stationary to turn retrograde on June 25). This is the lower octave of love trine the higher octave of Love. There are personal values and what we love and then there are Cosmic Values and Cosmic Love. What makes your heart light? What do you find beautiful? What do you deeply cherish and value? This is a beautiful time to bask in love. Love is the greatest power in the Universe.  

June 22, 2021: Mercury turns direct at 16° Gemini 8’. Mercury has been busy helping us to see things differently, to communicate differently, to listen more deeply, to retell our stories, to rethink what we know, to reimagine how our lives could be. Whatever came up for you in May will be clarified for you once Mercury clears its shadow. Expect some ahas and illumination about the Gemini area of your chart.

May 15: Mercury entered shadow at 16° Gemini

May 29: Mercury went retrograde at 24° Gemini

June 10: Mercury was Cazimi (conjunct the Sun) at 20° Gemini

July 7: Mercury exits its shadow at 24° Gemini

June 23, 2021: Saturn at 12° Aquarius sextile Chiron at 12° Aries. Saturn has been in a supportive sextile to Chiron in Aries throughout this year. We have been receiving support to move forward and build our lives in extraordinary, quantum ways by the healing medicine of Chiron in Aries, helping us heal the places within ourselves where we have given up our authenticity by trying to “fit in” or “belong.” You unique essence is the gift you bring to humanity and the world. 

Venus at 24° Cancer square Eris at 24° Aries. The Goddess is risen. She is a force to be reckoned with, both in women and men. She is the Shakti, kundalini, creative, life force energy that flows within all things, including us. Can you feel its power? In order to responsibly wield that power, you must learn how to be in touch with yourself, your watery depths, your essence, and love and accept yourself, shadow and light. The Goddess does not tolerate inauthenticity and will cause chaos and disruption to show you where you are out of alignment and integrity with your soul. This square will show you where you must make adjustments, where you cannot continue going down a certain path.   

Sun at 2° Cancer trine Jupiter at 2° Pisces. We could be flooded with spiritual downloads. What Cosmic Wisdom are you perhaps being gifted with and how can you apply it in service to the collective? When we come to an embodied feeling of oneness with all of life, it becomes impossible to cause another pain without also causing yourself pain as well. We are all drops in an Ocean of Oneness or entangled particles in the Quantum Field. 

June 24, 2021: Full Moon at 3° Capricorn 27’. The Moon is in Capricorn and the Sun is in Cancer, giving us the archetypal opposition of The Father and The Mother or home, family, & roots opposite our work in the world & our highest aspirations. The Sun in Cancer is trine Jupiter in Pisces and the Moon in Capricorn is sextile Jupiter in Pisces. Ideally, it is not an either/or but a both and more. Our roots, how we allow ourselves nurturance determines how high we can reach, how much we can fully shine out in the world, and cultivating a connection to Spirit, to something bigger than ourselves, gives us the fuel to live our most meaningful and purposeful life.  

Venus at 26° Cancer opposite Pluto at 26° Capricorn. We may be feeling some intense emotional vulnerability right now. It’s okay. Emotions are nothing more than energy in motion, so let them flow. Write it out, cry it out, dance it out, walk it out, however you process. Deep stuff could be coming up with Pluto, but that is a good thing. We could do some serious emotional purging and alchemizing now.  

June 25, 2021: Neptune at 23° Pisces 12’ goes retrograde. With Neptune and Jupiter in Pisces stationing at the same time, we could definitely be in a state of not knowing what is dream and what is reality. In a quantum universe, what we dream can become reality, so be careful what you wish for. We all live in a collective field of consciousness. What are you feeding the field? Someone I follow on YouTube, Andrew Martin, says “don’t be a leaf blower, girl.” Leaf blowers only blow the leaves into someone else’s yard. Deal with your own energies. Don’t repress, suppress, and deny because that is when you project and blame others. Own your energies, and then you reclaim your power and become a conscious co-creator with the universe rather than a passive martyr or victim of the world around you. 

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