Weekly Sacred Astrology, June 5-June 11, 2021

June 10, 2021 New Moon Annular Solar Eclipse in Gemini Chart

We have quite an energetic week ahead. Be on your surfboard, ready to catch some cosmic waves. With so many dynamic aspects and a Solar Eclipse, it is certainly not going to be a boring ride! 

June 5, 2021: Mercury Rx at 23° Gemini square Neptune at 23° Pisces. Mercury is squaring Neptune throughout its retrograde period. Mercury square Neptune can bring spiritual insights and illumination or it can bring delusion and deceit. We will likely perceive both. The key is to use your discernment and ask yourself how information, data, stories, whatever it is you are perceiving makes you feel. If something feels wrong to you, then it is wrong for you. But understand that it doesn’t make that information wrong, just wrong for you. If you can live with the paradox of that truth, you have mastered this square. 

June 6 2021: Mars at 26° Cancer opposite Pluto at 26° Capricorn. This square could bring some intensity, but it takes a lot of pressure to turn carbon into a diamond (approximately 725,000 pounds per square inch). I consider a square an opportunity to change direction. Squares are a 90° angle. You have gone down a road you can no longer continue down because it ends, and you have to turn either left or right. Mars in Cancer is nurturing and compassionate action in its highest expression and Pluto in Capricorn is composting structures and institutions that no longer serve the empowerment and highest good of humanity. How can we move forward in a compassionate way towards building structures and institutions that can serve a higher expression of humanity?  

June 10, 2021: Annular (Total) Solar Eclipse: New Moon at 19° Gemini 47’. This New Moon will be an eclipse because the Sun, Moon, and Earth are aligned and the Moon is closest to the ecliptic plane. Because of this, a portion of the Earth is covered in shadow cast by the Moon, which fully or partially blocks the sunlight. Because this is a North Node Eclipse, and the ruler of this Eclipse is Mercury, who also happens to be conjunct this Eclipse in Gemini, Gemini is the energy to cultivate during this powerful portal. Are you open, curious, playful, viewing the world with a beginner’s mind and the eyes of a child? Are you letting go of beliefs, philosophies, and dogmas (South Node in Sagittarius, which is opposite this Eclipse) that are keeping you from telling a new story? You can jump to new timelines when you use the powerful energies of eclipses.  

Mercury Cazimi at 20° Gemini. Mercury is retrograding back into a conjunction with the Sun soon after the eclipse. Mercury retrograde conjunct the Sun in Gemini is illumination for whatever we have been rethinking and reimagining. Now is a great time to see things in a new light, to tell our story in a new way, to reimagine what might be possible for ourselves and our lives. You can receive great clarity now. 

June 11, 2021: Mars enters Leo. Mars has been moving through the emotional tides of Cancer, and if we have been working with this energy, we have been learning to be more nurturing and compassionate towards ourselves and others. Emotions are a part of being human. When we learn how to be with our emotions, expressing them and using them in a healthy way as a guiding compass to show us how energetically aligned and coherent we are, they become a powerful transformational tool. With Mars moving into Leo, Mars takes on a more fiery and passionate intensity, a desire to radiate, to shine, to do what is authentically expressive. Do you with no apologies, but allow others to do the same, understanding that we all have an integral role in the play of life. 

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