Mercury retrograde: Rethink everything

Astrological doodle art by Kandy Williams
Mercury goes retrograde in Gemini on May 29, 2021

Mercury goes retrograde at 24° Gemini 43’ on May 29, 2021. Mercury goes retrograde three times a year. And I am here to tell you from experience and also having Mercury retrograde in Libra in my geocentric natal chart, Mercury retrograde is NOT terrible and you don’t have to go hide in a cave. Mercury retrograde IS a time to slow down and put a RE in front of all things associated with Mercury. Since Mercury is in a sign that it rules and it is in the sign that the North Node is currently in, this Mercury retrograde is really asking us to rethink everything.   

Gemini and Sagittarius are opposite signs from each other, and they are considered the Wisdom axis. If we are curious, open, and take in data and information with a beginner’s mind (Gemini), then we can learn what works for us and what doesn’t and gain true wisdom about the world (Sagittarius). But we also understand that beliefs are not static and unchanging, but that they change as we change and expand our consciousness. Also that my beliefs are just that, my beliefs, and you don’t have to believe what I believe and might not, but I am okay with that. 

This is a really good time to sit with yourself and ask yourself what you believe and feel into whether it is still valid and true for you now. It is okay to change your mind. It is okay to believe something different. It is okay to admit you were wrong. It is okay to not know everything. It is okay to wait for more information. It is okay to be curious and open. It is okay to be the only one who believes what you believe. 

Something I have been doing a lot lately is just sitting with something to see how it feels in my body. I will say something in my head, and then feel into it. You will be amazed at how the more you do this, the more you can discern the subtle energetic shifts in your body. When something is right for you, you will feel the rush of energy and vitality in your body. It is palpable. Also, I do an inner temple of the heart meditation every morning, and it is a place where I do powerful integration, healing, and get amazing insights and clarity. I would be happy to share this meditation with anyone who is interested. Just contact me either through the contact form on my website’s Home page or at, and I will be happy to share this meditation with you. 

Important dates for this Mercury retrograde:

May 4: Mercury entered Gemini

May 15: Mercury entered shadow at 16° Gemini

May 29: Mercury goes retrograde at 24° Gemini

June 10: Mercury conjunct the Sun at 20° Gemini (also called Mercury Cazimi)

June 22: Mercury turns direct at 16° Gemini

July 7: Mercury exits shadow at 24° Gemini

July 12: Mercury enters Cancer

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