Weekly Sacred Astrology, May 8-14, 2021

May 11, 2021 New Moon in Taurus Chart

May 8, 2021: Venus at 29° Taurus square Jupiter at 29° Aquarius. Venus is covering territory that Mercury has recently covered. Venus is not how we think but how we feel, what we value, hold dear. Whatever Mercury brought up, how do you feel about it now? Venus in Taurus is sensual embodiment and Jupiter in Aquarius is optimistic visions for the future. Having a physical experience is quite a sacred gift, and perhaps Jupiter is fueling you with the optimism to move boldly forward in your life with reverence for life and the values you hold in your heart.  

May 9, 2021: Venus enters Gemini. Venus started a new Venus Cycle last June at 13° Gemini. Where is Gemini in your chart and how has Venus been working with you in that area of your life? You have been deeply feeling into this area: your values, your sense of worth, what you cherish, how you feel about yourself and your relationships, all relationships. Life is relationship and connection. And Gemini is curious, open, and playful. How can you bring that sense of wonder and childlike curiosity into your life now?  

May 10, 2021: Mercury conjunct North Node at 10° Gemini. When a personal planet is conjunct the North Node, it is a time of choice. You will have total clarity on what choices are before you now as Mercury is our perception and Gemini is open, curious, and ready to explore. The South Node is always opposite the North Node. The South Node is opposite at 10° Sagittarius. Sagittarius in its highest expression is Truth and wisdom, but it can also be dogma, close-mindedness, and righteousness. This is a great time to drop anything that is keeping you stuck in old, disempowering stories, and to leap into the unknown of a Gemini ready to explore new territory and tell a new story, which the North Node is encouraging you to do.  

May 11, 2021: New Moon at 21° Taurus. This is the beginning of Eclipse Season. The first Eclipse of 2021 is a mere two weeks away now and will be a Full Moon at 4° Sagittarius, where the South Node is currently transiting. That is why we are letting go of old beliefs and stories that are holding us back from our fullest expression. This New Moon features the Sun and Moon conjunct Black Moon Lillith in Taurus. How can you embrace the shadow (Black Moon Lillith) so that you can have a more embodied experience (Taurus)? The Sun and Moon together will plant the seed for that to manifest. Uranus is also in Taurus, bringing us the awakening energy to do what must be done for full authentic expression. Chiron in Aries is trine the South Node in Sagittarius, bringing more healing energy into this New Moon. How can you bring healing medicine into the areas of your life where you have allowed beliefs to become dogmas that have closed you off to a full experience of life and true connection? Mars in Cancer is also approaching a square to Chiron in Aries, further emphasizing the imperative to bring medicine to those parts of ourselves that are crying out for our attention. It is only when we give attention to all of ourselves, shadow and light, and embrace all of it, that true healing can happen and your authentic Self can emerge and be fully expressed in form. Neptune in Pisces is sextile the Sun and Moon in Taurus, giving us a boost of spiritual clarity and insight or disillusionment and confusion, depending on whether we work with our highest vibrational selves or fight the tide of high vibration energies flooding the planet, allowing us to massively upgrade if we choose to do the work necessary to make the leap into a higher experience. If you are not willing to see yourself as the Great Work, to invest your time, attention, and energy into being the best you, these next few years will bring you more and more intensity. There is no going back to the way things were, and if you are being totally honest with yourself, you would not want to go back anyway.    

May 12, 2021: Mercury at 13° Gemini trine Saturn at 13° Aquarius. We can perceive reality more clearly now with Mercury trine Saturn. Do we like what we see? Aquarius is the sign of the collective. Are we building structures and institutions that truly benefit all, including all human beings, all of the life on earth, and the Earth herself? If we are being brutally honest, I don’t know who could answer yes. I am very optimistic about the future that we are capable of creating together as a collective. There are so many high vibrational energies coming in, and the possibilities for amazing and creative solutions to our challenges has never been greater. But we have to come together and claim them. Our survival is not a guarantee. We can either come together and clean up our act as a species or extinct ourselves with our short-sighted attempt of control at all costs.

Mars at 11° Cancer square Chiron at 11° Aries. Mars in Cancer is a more sensitive and emotional Mars. If we are using it in its highest expression, we are acting from a more nurturing, loving, and compassionate place, both with ourselves and others. We are giving ourselves space to feel our feelings, no matter how difficult, and we are allowing other people the space to do the same, applying whatever tools we have developed to not take everything others do so personally. Square to Chiron in Aries, we can be doing some powerful healing work on ourselves. 

May 13, 2021: Jupiter enters Pisces until July 29. Jupiter is entering Pisces, a sign it traditionally ruled before Neptune was discovered. It is at home there. Jupiter is expansive, optimistic, and hopeful, and in Pisces, it can bring spiritual energies back into focus, bring some much needed compassion and connection with others and with the web of life back into our reality. No matter what you want to believe, there is no escaping that we are all connected. That which you do to another, you do to yourself. That which you do to yourself, you do to another. If we could all fully grasp and live this Truth, the world would truly change for the betterment of All. When the highest good for all unfolds, we all win.   

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