Weekly Sacred Astrology, April 17-23, 2021

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April 17, 2021: Mars at 26° Gemini trine Jupiter at 26° Aquarius. This is a positive boost of energy with Mars in Gemini’s curiosity, openness, and playfulness getting an energetic turbo boost from an optimistic, expansive, and hopeful Jupiter in Aquarius. Take stock of your options and ask yourself what is the most hopeful and expansive choice you can make to move your life forward. How good can it get?  

Mercury at 26° Aries square Pluto at 26° Capricorn. While we have that hopefulness, there may be another part of you that is a lot more serious and even dark. Mercury square Pluto is a Mercury that has serious issues to contemplate. Pluto is digging up everything that needs to be uncovered and ultimately transformed by the light of awareness, so there is a possibility that you don’t like what you see. But only by seeing our shadow can we work with it. We can understand what is ours to transform and what is simply baggage we have picked up from others that can simply be let go.  

April 18, 2021: Mercury conjunct Sun at 29° Aries. Mercury is direct and on the other side of the Sun, so it is an exterior conjunction. It is like a Full Mercury and is the illumination of whatever began on Feb. 8, when Mercury Rx was conjunct the Sun at 20 degrees Aquarius. Whatever came up for you then is now coming to full illumination. Mercury and the Sun in Aquarius is forward-thinking and uniquely genius and Mercury and the Sun in Aries is all about taking that unique genius and moving forward with it, lighting that initiating Aries fire and going for it.  

April 19, 2021: Mercury and Sun enter Taurus. As the Mercury and the Sun enter Taurus, we will feel an energetic shift from initiating fire (Aries) to a more grounded and earthy sensibility, a practicality and determination to get things done (Taurus). Take what has begun as ideas and inspirations and start taking the practical steps to bring them into manifest form.  

April 22, 2021: Venus conjunct Uranus at 10° Taurus. Uranus has been shaking up Taurus since 2019. Whenever a planet enters Taurus and meets up with Uranus, it too might find itself shaken up a bit. Venus is what we love and value, and perhaps when it meets up with Uranus, you might find that your values are shaken a bit. Perhaps there was something that you were holding onto so tightly that it was keeping you from being your most unique self. Uranus helps to shake out those places where we are stuck and stagnant so that we can more fully express our true authenticity. Or something unexpected and sudden may happen that shakes up your life, and you just cannot go back to the way things were before. Uranus is the awakener, and like it or not, Uranus is shaking up the Taurean areas of your life. 

April 23, 2021: Mars enters Cancer. Astrologers say that Mars is in its fall in Cancer. Work with Mars so that it can be just as at home in Cancer. Cancer is the sign of home, family, emotional security and feeling safe, the past, mothering and nurturing. Mars is an energy of desire and taking action. Use Mars in Cancer to take action towards nurturing yourself and others, towards creating a safe environment for yourself and others, and towards being a more compassionate and caring person in everything that you do. Or use that Mars energy to take action to honor and let go of your past so that you can move forward unfettered by patterns and conditioning. Mars can truly be our ally as it moves through the sign of Cancer.    

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Published by Kandy Williams

I am an astrologer, healer, and artist. I love nature, creativity, and learning (especially anything that helps me understand myself, others, and the world better and live a more fulfilled life). I am very heart-centered and open-minded and believe that we are all sparks of divinity in form.

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