Weekly Sacred Astrology, March 20-26, 2021

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March 20, 2021: Happy Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and Fall Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere as the Sun enters Aries, signaling the astrological new year. Sun moves into Aries, joining Chiron, Ceres, and Eris in Aries. The Sun is exalted in Aries. Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac, and it is a fire sign, a sign of Spirit, passion, drive, and the will to be. We emerge from Pisces, the last sign of the Zodiac, the collective unconscious, the Ocean of Oneness, as a unique spark of Creation with a will to express a unique facet of divinity. With Chiron, Ceres, and Eris all in Aries as well, there is a real opportunity for healing. Every time we repress, deny, or suppress an authentic part of ourselves out of a fear of being rejected because of our uniqueness, we become wounded. But with Chiron in Aries giving us the power to alchemize our wounds and let them become our greatest gifts, Ceres in Aries giving us the power of nurturance and care of ourselves and our authenticity, and Eris in Aries giving us the power of a spiritual warrior for authenticity and truth, there is a lot of support for deep soul healing. If you want to read more about what the Equinox energies are bringing us, read my post about the Spring Equinox

March 21, 2021: Venus enters Aries. Though there are astrologers who say Venus doesn’t like Aries because it is in its fall, I think Venus likes Aries because it is a chance to integrate that opposite polarity. Aries is initiating, fiery, willful, and action-oriented. Venus in Aries is more confident, assertive, willful, knows what it wants, loves, and values and goes after it. Venus is also approaching a conjunction with the Sun in Aries, at least from our viewpoint here on Earth.  

Mercury at 8° Pisces sextile Uranus at 8° Taurus. Uranus in Taurus is radically altering how we view the body, health, physical resources, and the Earth. Mercury in Pisces is dreamy, imaginative, and even intuitive. How can we imagine a different relationship to our bodies, our health, our resources, and the Earth? What dreams do we have for a different Earth, a New Earth? Everything starts as a dream before it becomes a reality.  

March 22, 2021: Mars at 10° Gemini trine Saturn at 10° Aquarius. This is a wonderful energy for taking action towards your future. Mars in Gemini has been presenting you with options, and hopefully, with your open mind and playful curiosity, you have been moving forward with faith, and with Saturn in Aquarius, you have the added determination, discipline, and dedication to do what you know will move your life forward. And remembering that there are no mistakes but only missed opportunities, take that leap and know the net will appear.

March 24, 2021: Mercury at 11° Pisces square Mars at 11° Gemini. They also squared on January 8 & February 10. Mercury in Pisces is caught up in its own world, floating out in dreamland, imagining, creating, and very intuitive square to Mars in Gemini, which is open, curious, and experimental. Though squares can be tense aspects, I believe this Mercury square Mars will give you an extra boost of creativity and imagination to move forward in your life. Let your intuition guide you now. This is about how things feel. What feels like the best choice? What feels the most expansive in your body? Think about your choices to see how they feel, and the one that feels the best, the most “right” to you, is the one to follow through on. The body check works for any communications you may have during this time as well. If it doesn’t feel right to you, then don’t say it or do it.  

March 25, 2021: Mercury at 13° Pisces in a t-square with the North Node at 13° Gemini & South Node at 13° Sagittarius. The Sun and Venus also squared the Nodes recently. With all of this personal planet energy squaring the Nodes of Collective Destiny, we are being compelled to make a choice between a new way of being (NN) and the old way (SN). How can you be more open-minded, open to different perspectives, even if they don’t agree with yours? How can you be open to beliefs that may very well contradict what you believe? How can you be secure enough within yourself to look at your own beliefs with a lens of curiosity and beginner’s mind? You will only grow when you are able to expand into the unknown. Knowing you don’t know everything will liberate you from having to always be right. 

March 26, 2021: Sun conjunct Venus at 5° Aries. This is called a Venus Star Point. There are many amazing astrologers out there who specialize in Venus Wisdom if you want to learn more about the five-pointed star it makes in the sky. Look back to March 2017 and March 2013 for themes. Venus is now considered to be in the Underworld because it is on the opposite side of the Sun and is therefore invisible to us here on Earth. When Venus reemerges in the sky, it will be an Evening Star. Also think back to June 2020 when Venus was at another Star Point of 13° Gemini. Venus conjunct the Sun in Aries is our vitality and life force (Sun) infusing how we love, receive, and connect with others and life (Venus). Your will to be and love authentically and fully is strong now. 

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Published by Kandy Williams

I am an astrologer, healer, and artist. I love nature, creativity, and learning (especially anything that helps me understand myself, others, and the world better and live a more fulfilled life). I am very heart-centered and open-minded and believe that we are all sparks of divinity in form.

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