Weekly Sacred Astrology, Jan. 9-15, 2021

Jan. 12, 2021 New Moon in Capricorn Chart

The intensity of 2020 is not letting up in January. This week, especially, is a time to breathe through the energies. There is a lot going on this week, so it is important to stay centered in your heart and learn how to be the observer of the world without getting caught up in the polarization and the drama. If you feel yourself slipping into the fray, ask yourself if it is really worth your time, attention, and energy. Is _________ really worth my precious time, attention, and energy? Do I really want to feel __________ ? You are the one who chooses, so choose wisely this week. 

January 09, 2021: Mercury conjunct Saturn at 2 degrees Aquarius. Mercury loves being in air signs. In Aquarius, Mercury can perceive the extraordinary, can delve into out-of-the-box thinking, can communicate about other dimensions, extraterrestrials, is completely revolutionary, and is not shy about it. Saturn is taking what it learned from its almost three years in Capricorn and is now improving upon it, what worked, what advanced life forward, which structures can improve life for everyone. Your way of perceiving reality and building your life is being revolutionized now, especially since this conjunction is applying a square to Uranus, Mars, and Lillith conjunct in Taurus. It is not enough to keep going the way we have been. How can we revolutionize our lives? How can we move forward in inventive and creative new ways? How can we have a thought revolution in what we value and how we build our structures and institutions?  

January 10, 2021:  Eris stations direct at 23 degrees Aries. Eris, the goddess of discord is stationing. We have been feeling this goddess energy since she started squaring Pluto back in 2020. She is still in a square to Pluto in Capricorn, though no longer exact. She is asking us to really examine who we are, and with Pluto, what is inauthentic must be burned to ashes and transformed.     

January 11, 2021: Mercury conjunct Jupiter at 4 degrees Aquarius. Mercury is now conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius, which is expanding anything that Mercury picked up from Saturn a few days ago. How can you have bigger vision, a more expansive perspective? We can also feel more hopeful and optimistic now about the future.  

Mercury at 5 degrees Aquarius sextile Chiron at 5 degrees Aries. Forward-thinking Mercury is in a harmonious sextile with Chiron in Aries, who is helping us heal the wounds of inauthenticity. How can you move forward with your healing? How can you honor yourself and your true needs more? 

January 12, 2021: This is one of the most intense New Moons I have ever seen. This New Moon in Capricorn is where all of the action was happening with the outer planet conjunctions from last year (Saturn-Pluto & Jupiter-Pluto). What have you learned since January 2020? What do you want to build now to replace the structures that fell in 2020?  With so many squares happening, it is an opportunity to change directions in your life. A 90 degree angle implies a change of direction. You can no longer go the way you were going. You have to change if you want to relieve the discomfort. Things are going to go sideways, and if you are able to stay centered in who you are and make changes based upon what is in your heart, you can harness this intense energy to make tremendous forward progress. Or you can ignore the discord by pulling the covers over your head and kick the problem down the road and miss a powerfully transformative New Moon. The New Moon is at 11pm CST. The Sun and Moon are both at 23 degrees Capricorn conjunct Pluto at 24 degrees Capricorn and square to Eris in Aries, Venus in Capricorn squares Chiron in Aries, Neptune in Pisces is still square the Nodes in Gemini and Sagittarius, and Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn are still closely conjunct in Aquarius square a Mars, Uranus, and Lillith conjunction in Taurus. 

January 13, 2021: Mars at 3 degrees Taurus square Saturn at 3 degrees Aquarius. Finally, whatever Mars was trying to tell you since last August, when it was in Aries and first squared Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn, it is now finishing up with its square to Saturn and then Jupiter in Aquarius. How can you harness your drive, your passion, your desire in a way that is nourishing and grounding? What can now bear fruit? What did you learn from Mars retrograde? What area of your life did Mars ask you to reexamine and redo?   

Venus in Capricorn trine Uranus in Taurus. What we love and what we value is being shifted in a practical and grounded way. What do we really need to live a good life? What does it mean to live a good life? How much is enough? What do we consider beautiful and worthwhile?  

January 14, 2021: Sun conjunct Pluto at 24 degrees Capricorn. You are being transformed at the most fundamental level of your beingness. Sun conjunct Pluto is not a transit that can be ignored. You will experience metamorphosis, like it or not, ready or not. 

January 15, 2021: Uranus stations direct at 6 degrees 43’ Taurus. Uranus is stationing, and there is no doubt you are feeling the energies of Uranus. Are you finding your nervous system to be in overdrive? Are you having trouble sleeping, sitting still? Now is a good time to lay off the caffeine and get lots of exercise to burn off the stimulation and excitation of Uranus. This is also a great time for Cosmic downloads. Put that energy to use and get creative. 

Mercury enters the shadow zone at 11 degrees Aquarius. Pay attention to what comes up now because it will be the theme for this Mercury retrograde period, which lasts until Mercury leaves its shadow on March 13. 

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Published by Kandy Williams

I am an astrologer, healer, and artist. I love nature, creativity, and learning (especially anything that helps me understand myself, others, and the world better and live a more fulfilled life). I am very heart-centered and open-minded and believe that we are all sparks of divinity in form.

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