Saturn: The path to mastery

Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers. From

Saturn gets such a bad rap, and Saturn would like me to set the record straight. Saturn only limits your ego. Saturn never limits your soul. If Saturn says no to you and keeps you from going in a certain direction, it is only because it is not your soul’s direction. We did not come here to be everyone. There are infinite forms of expression, but there is only one you, here and now, and Saturn wants you to be you and do you. I am currently in the midst of a Saturn opposition (transiting Saturn being opposite to my natal Saturn), but Saturn and I have worked closely together my entire life as my Saturn is conjunct my Midheaven in Leo. Saturn has helped me achieve an inner authority and a mastery of myself that is truly allowing me to stay centered, coherent, and at peace during these turbulently transformative times.

Yoda. From

A Master has complete control over their energies and uses those energies to create their life by themselves and for themselves, building a life that is completely and fully authentic for them. In order to do so, however, you have to do the shadow work, face those demons and fears, unravel the past patterning, programming, and conditioning that is keeping you stuck in someone else’s story and keeping you from creating your own life and telling your own story.

So embrace your Saturn and do the Saturn work. It is the most worthwhile “work” you will ever do. It will allow you to build a life that is uniquely yours.

Published by Kandy Williams

I am an astrologer, healer, and artist. I love nature, creativity, and learning (especially anything that helps me understand myself, others, and the world better and live a more fulfilled life). I am very heart-centered and open-minded and believe that we are all sparks of divinity in form.

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